Obama’s BLM Admits Killing Bundy Ranch Cattle!


According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, an Obama Bureau of Land Management (BLM) spokesman confirmed what we knew all along, that the Bundy cattle were being killed, but the BLM claims only two of Cliven Bundy’s bulls were killed by the strong-arming agency after they were confiscated at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada last week.


As is their right, the Bundy family is charging the overreaching government agency with causing the deaths of many more cattle than the two they admit to.  “There’s more dead that are dead through shot or…dehydration from running in the desert,” said Cliven Bundy’s son-in-law, Josh Logue.


BLM spokesman, Craig Leff, made the ludicrous claim that somehow those particular bulls represented a “safety hazard” which is absolute nonsense! Had they let the Bundy’s get their cattle, or better yet left them alone, none of this would have happened. Instead they came at them as if to repeat another Waco and slaughter the cattle and the family!

It’s also a fact that had the Obama-BLM boys not been intimidated by those there to defend and support the Bundy’s, the mass graves the BLM dug would be filled with more dead cattle, and possibly the Bundy family would have been more seriously injured or killed – so they are liars!

This entire scenario is infuriating to say the least; Obama and Reid are despicable liars out for their own self serving gain, and the BLM men who did this are no better; following orders is not an excuse to commit illegal and unconstitutional acts against an innocent family!



    • They should sue for as much in damages as they can get, and that includes the bodily assault to the son and daughter. As far as the cattle.. they should figure in how many calf’s they would have gotten off them!

  1. The American government is not there for us Americans. It is there to give what is ours to China, illegal aliens and whoever else wants money. Be sure they are not for us!

    Bundy should sue the government for all the property damage as well as all the dead cows. Destroying all of that was done to make it where Bundy would have to fold. As far as this tax payer is concerned they got there mil owed by Bundy and then wasted 3 plus mill. on that operation which did nothing more than fan the publics hate of Reid and Obama. Crooked fucks the whole lot. I wish they would blow up the white house and capitol hill then start fresh!

    • Yup right on all counts. Well said. If I go on I wonts be so nice about what I think of Obama the communist liar and all his ass kissers


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