Obama’s UN Pep Talk – More Indicators This Guy Has An Agenda And It’s Not Good For The American People


President Obama spoke to the United Nations General Assembly on Monday morning.  Agenda 2030,  Global Citizen Programs, and other “sustainable development” programs were discussed.  President Obama pointedly criticized Russia, for its invasion of Ukraine’s Crimea, its support of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, and the increasing suppression of dissent and the news media within its borders.

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Rick Wells Reports:

The masters of the universe have been holding a lot of meetings at the UN headquarters over the past few days. These “super important” people have many of their schemes coming together right now and in the upcoming couple of months. A despot’s work is never done.

They’re celebrating the 70th anniversary of the creation of the anti-American globalist control organization as well as their new Agenda 2030 and Global Citizen Programs and other “sustainable development” takeover and austerity initiatives.

They’re also pushing their Muslim infestation program throughout the West, primarily in Europe now but with the United States taking preliminary salvos of guilt-instilling humanitarian attacks that we “should be doing more.” What’s happening in Europe now is a glimpse into our ugly future in the United States.

As part of the busy festivities, Hussein Obama gave this little pep talk prior to a UN luncheon, fine dining affair paid for by the “generosity” of the American taxpayers. He repeated some of the common drivel which is founded not on fact or reason but on hype, hysteria and the pursuit of deception.

The UN is a very serious threat to the freedom and independence of the United States but it’s packaged in such a manner as to allow the enemy operatives, including the foreign squatter in our White House, to profess their humanitarianism as they plunder us out of existence.

Their arrogance and brazen criminality, as personified by Hussein Obama, is infuriating but their day will come. For now, some insulting captions which expose their true nature may help take a little of the sting out.

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