OBAMA:”WE” The Muslims! (Video)


Obama referred to himself as part of the “Muslim Community” at the G20 meeting in Turkey yesterday!



Photo:  Bing


  1. He’s still a fucking muslim! Everything he has done was to help muslims, he even said “if the tides change I will stand with islam” “the future does not belong to those that slander the name of Allah” his father was a muslim, his stepfather was a muslim, his mom and grandparents (that we know as truth?) Were communist. Walkso like a duck,squawkso like a duck, mother Fuckers a duck. He a damn MUSLIM! wake up you fucking retards

  2. Hey, Truth Uncensored! You don’t need to replay the same statement over and over again. I heard it the first time! Two times would have been enough. More than two times is freaking annoying!

  3. How many times have you posted clips of when Obama has said, “We in the Christian community…”? Fred is correct, he was saying the Muslim community has to come up with ideas that we all as people can use to prevent youth from being radicalized.

    Does it bother your conscience at all when you are so untruthful and misguide you gullible readers? Or is it all about the money?

  4. He was so focused on the false pretense that Islam has a peaceful side that he let the “we” slip through. Even a habitual liar sometimes allows truth the slip through.Yes, he is absolutely Muslim, and has been since childhood.


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