Outraged Mother Saw Her 7th Grader’s Homework… Her SCATHING Response Is PERFECT


Every parent has experienced an instance where they did not agree with, or think a particular homework assignment was beneficial to their child but this situation would outrage any parent, unless you are of the Muslim faith, which this mother was not.

A California mother, Tara Cali, of Bakersfield, says she refused to let her son participate in a homework assignment on Islam and she sent it back with a brutal message for his teacher.

She posted a photo of the worksheet on Facebook that was handed out in her son’s 7th grade history class.


The worksheet is titled, “Islamic Beliefs and Practices.” The students were to name the Five Pillars of Islam and to summarize Islamic beliefs and practices.

Then the students were instructed to scan a bar code with an electronic device to hear the call to prayer at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

Here is one of the pages from the textbook.


The mother made it clear that her son will “not be a part of this in any sort of way. This is bad teaching material. He will NOT partake. If you have a problem with it, call our lawyer,” She wrote.

And she listed several specific verses from the Bible. Needless to say, she was not happy with this school one bit!

She wrote, “How about Christian practices? That sheet has never come home, this year or last!”

And here is the Muslim video the kids were told to watch…

President-elect Donald Trump pledged to parents that he would end the controversial Common Core standards and finally get Washington, D.C., specifically President Obama who put Islam teachings like this in schools, and place education standards in the hands of the States.

H/T Americans Freedom Fighters 


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