One of the most Infamous Murder Houses in U.S. Sold to Highest Offer

One of the most infamous houses in America sold for $1.98 million.

[VIDEO] 6yr old Boy Makes Promise to Dying Father…What Happens Next Will Melt Your Heart

An entire community came together to support Brady's promise to his father.

America Enjoys Massive SCOTUS Ruling Win Thanks to Trump

From the moment that Donald Trump stepped onto the political scene, one of his main focuses has been on much-needed immigration reform here in...

Courtroom Erupts When Corrupt Judge Is Dragged Out By Police And Sent To Prison (Video)

Ex-judge dragged from court to serve six months in jail.

HollyWood Star Apologizes for Being White Says ‘It Disgusts me’

Hollywood actress declares her 'disgust' and 'shame' over being born 'white and privileged.'

Nancy Pelosi: Attorney General Barr “has gone rogue,” alleges a “cover-up of the cover-up” (Video)

The Democrats are trying to take Attorney General William Barr down with President Trump.

AG Barr Breaks Silence, Tells the World Exactly What the D’s have Been Trying to Hide

If you think Attorney General Bill Barr is wrong or off-base or is just talking to hear his own voice, you’re not paying attention....

AOC Drops Bombshell in Favor of Trump… Doesn’t Even Realize What She Did

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez inadvertently paid President Trump a compliment.

U.S. Intelligence Officer Breaks Oath, Puts Entire Country in Jeopardy

US counter-terrorism analyst charged with leaking classified materials.

Watch As Trey Gowdy Takes A Blow Torch To Comey In Epic Fashion[Flashback]

Listen to Trey Gowdy as he grills FBI Director James Comey on Capital Hill today to answer for his unwillingness to recommend prosecution for...

Maxine Waters: ‘Impeachment not good enough’ wants Trump in ‘solitary confinement’

Maxine Waters said that ‘impeachment is not good enough’ for President Trump, she wants him imprisoned and in solitary confinement. Waters has been very vocal...

Democrat Congressman ‘Jokes’: If Gun Owners Fight ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban, ‘The Government Has Nukes’

President Trump warned the American people that the Democrats wanted to take their guns.

Joe Biden: Lindsey Graham Will ‘Regret’ Investigating Me ‘His Whole Life’ (Video)

In reaction to South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham's request for documents from the State Department related to Joe Biden and his son Hunter...

Hillary Clinton Jokes, “They All Look Alike” When Interviewer Mixes Up Black Democrats (Video)

Had a Republican said this, the mainstream media would destroy them.


Judicial Watch announced that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia...

Trump Is 100% Vindicated, And 7 Other Things You Should Know

1. Yes, Trump Is 100% Vindicated On Wiretapping Yeppers, I said 100% vindicated, and those who disagree are either being stubbornly hyper-literal about the word...

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6 Time Felon Killed In Shootout By 13 Year Old During ‘Attempted’ Home Invasion

A 13-year-old boy fended off two hardened felons who were attempting to break into his house by using his mother’s gun to protect himself...

Senate Democrats Push For Late-Term Abortion Up To Nine Months Of Pregnancy

Four months before the mid-term congressional election, Senate Democrats were pushing into the national spotlight “the most radical pro-abortion bill ever considered by Congress,”...

COLLUSION: Comey Received MILLIONS From Clinton Foundation – Brother’s Law Firm Does Clinton’s Taxes (Video)

Talk about collusion... here is proof that James Comey had a direct link to the Clinton Foundation.

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