PATHETIC: Players Protesting National Anthem Claim to Respect Troops in New NFL Commercial (Video)


The NFL is suffering the repercussions of their idiocy, plain and simple, and they deserve everything that is happening to them. The empty stadiums, the boos from fans, the drop in ratings and the best part – the narcissistic, over paid spoiled players who have been placed on a pedestal by millions of adoring fans have been knocked onto their butts.

There is one thing in the United States that is 100% non-partisan and that is respecting our veterans.

In an effort to save themselves and convince the American people that they really do respect our military, they had the same players who are protesting the National Anthem do a “thank” the troops Veterans Day commercial. Pathetic.

Victor Medina from Silence is Consent reports:

The commercial is one of several TV spots the NFL has been running during the Veterans Day weekend. Among the players featured are the following players, who have either participated in, or voiced support for, the National Anthem protests against America and the troops.

  • Delanie Walker of the Tennessee Titans, who said that even though he supports the troops and traveled with the USO, he has stayed in the locker room during the National Anthem to fight for equal rights. He also said “And the fans that don’t want to come to the game? I mean, OK. Bye. I mean, if you feel that’s something, we’re disrespecting you, don’t come to the game. You don’t have to. No one’s telling you to come to the game. It’s your freedom of choice to do that.” His statement led to his receiving death threats.
  • Doug Baldwin of the Seattle Seahawks, who had not knelt during the anthem, but has voiced support for those who do. He insists the protests are about injustice, not disrespect for the troops, the anthem, or the flag.
  • Chris Long of the Philadelphia Eagles, who was the first white player to kneel during the National Anthem. His father is Hall of Famer and actor Howie Long of Fox’s NFL broadcast team.
  • Malcolm Jenkins of the Philadelphia Eagles, who has held up the “black power” fist during the anthem this season.

Here is the commercial.

What are your thoughts on the Veterans Day commercial from the NFL using players who from the National Anthem protests? Let us know in the comments section below, and in addition, share this on social media.
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