Paul Ryan Continues His Assault on Trump – Trashes POTUS Again in CNN Town Hall (Video)


On Monday night, President Trump unveiled his Afghanistan plan in the first formal address to the nation.

Immediately after the speech, Paul Ryan held a CNN town hall where he attacked President Trump over his Charlottesville comments.

Ryan had also bashed the president on Monday morning over Charlottesville.

Ryan has yet to condemn Antifa who was also at the Charlottesville rally and whose thugs are responsible for hundreds of beatings of Trump supporters in the last year.

JS Online reported:

In a town hall televised nationally on CNN, House Speaker Paul Ryan for the first time criticized President Donald Trump directly for his comments last week about the Charlottesville violence, saying Trump “messed up” and “needed to do better.”

“It was equivocating and that was wrong,” Ryan said of the president’s widely panned remarks suggesting equivalence between white supremacists and those protesting against them.

At the same time, Ryan sharply pushed back against the suggestion that Trump should be censured for his comments.

“It is very, very important that we not make this a partisan food fight. It is very important that we unify in condemning this kind of … hatred. To make this us against them, Republicans against Democrats, pro-Trump (vs.) anti-Trump, that is a big mistake for our country, and that will demean the value of this very important issue,” said Ryan in response to a question about censure from Rabbi Dena Feingold, sister of former Democratic Senator Russ Feingold, who grew up in Ryan’s hometown of Janesville. (Feingold’s parents were friends with Ryan’s parents).

Ryan praised Trump’s initial response to Charlottesville last Monday and his comments against bigotry earlier in the evening during the president’s speech on Afghanistan strategy.

H/T Gateway Pundit



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