Payback: 30 Trump Stars Appear on Hollywood Walk of Fame (Video)


Two weeks after a member of the “resistance” demolished President Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a pickax, a counter-resistance squad struck back, placing 30 vinyl replicas of Trump’s star on blank squares of the sidewalk.

The anonymous artists, who work under the name “The Faction,” issued a tweet vowing that if Trump’s star continues to be vandalized, “we will further spread Trump Derangement Syndrome by installing a never ending stream of stars.”

In a statement to the Gateway Pundit blog, they described themselves as a “rogue right-wing street outfit” that is “100% pro-individualism and meritocracy and 100% anti-identity politics.”

The warned “resistors,” keep it up and “[w]e will ride your baby-tantrum tactics all the way to victory in 2020 and beyond.”

A member of the cleaning service on the Walk of Fame who discovered the stars early Thursday morning told the Hollywood Reporter they “looked pretty real.”

The artists, spending about $1,000, printed the stars on sheets of floor vinyl with adhesive backing.

Trump’s star on the famous sidewalk has been vandalized many times and destroyed twice, most recently July 25 when 24-year-old Austin Mikel Clay was booked on felony vandalism and jailed on a $20,000 bail, the Hollywood Reporter said. In 2016, 53-year-old James Lambert Otis was videoed destroying the star with a jackhammer and a pickax.

A member of The Faction who spoke to the Hollywood Reporter said he was motivated not only by the destruction of the president’s star but also the West Hollywood City Council’s vote to recommend its removal due to accusations he has mistreated women.

Opponents of the proposal note that others accusing of mistreating women still have stars on the Walk of Fame, including Bill Cosby, WND reports.


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