Pelosi: When Human Life Begins Has ‘No Basis’ In Public Policy [Video]


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, refused to answer a reporter’s question about when human life begins during a press conference on Thursday.


Cramming that many irrelevancies into a single non-answer isn’t easy, but Nancy Pelosi is a veteran of Washington double-talk, so first time listeners are treated to her magnanimous welcome of the questioner, even if she doesn’t know who he is. Then we learn that she claims to be a practicing and “devout” Catholic (though the Catholic church’s teaching on abortion is crystal clear), then we learn that she has borne children. (HT Bizpac)

The crucial question came from Sam Dorman, a reporter for during a routine Capitol Hill briefing:

“In reference to funding for Planned Parenthood: Is an unborn baby with a human heart and a human liver a human being?”

And the follow-up:

“If it’s not a human being, what species is it?”

“I do not intend to respond to your questions, which have no basis in what public policy is that we do here,” Pelosi said.

Planned Parenthood is under investigation by several states and congressional committees due to allegations raised by undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress that affiliates of the nation’s largest abortion provider are selling aborted fetal body parts to researchers for profit. (HT WND)

Trafficking fetal body parts is a felony in the United States.

Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, has denied participation in illegal transactions and claimed that they are merely reimbursed for the costs associated with a donation.

Watch Pelosi’s irritated, sputtering response in the exchange, and notice she does not answer the question. Being a practicing Catholic, and a mother of 5, I would think the answer is a resounding YES!


  1. Per the Five Books of Moses, also known as the Old Testament human life begins at first breath. Yes, there have been some premature births where the baby has survived but LIFE BEGINS AT FIRST BREATH to be considered having been born, delivered, or whatever term you wish to use. Due to the controversial nature of this subject & many different perceptions & misconceptions of this matter, I don’t blame Nancy Pelosi for evading to respond – who wouldn’t in this day & age?

    • Show us where God says life begins at first breath beyond Adam. I can show you where God tells Abraham’s wife that she has two nations in her womb. BEFORE THEY TAKE ONE BREATH.


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