#Podesta16: WikiLeaks Releases Fresh Batch Of Damaging Emails From Clinton Campaign Chair


WikiLeaks’s deluge of thousands of email exchanges between Clinton’s campaign chairman Podestra, her aides, family members, and her favorite donors have provided fodder for countless news stories but so far, none have had the desired effect of forcing Clinton to step down, or at the very least instigate a new investigation before the election on November 8.

On Sunday they released another batch of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podestra that include Clinton aids corresponding about former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio about concerns over President Obama’s Afghanistan strategy.

This from RT who first reported the story:

The leaks have offered extraordinary insight into the operations of Clinton’s campaign team, revealing details about Clinton’s Wall Street speeches, ‘pay for play’discussions, Hillary’s Achilles heel, and addressing her server scandal through jokes.

Sunday’s release brings the total number of emails leaked online by WikiLeaks to 26,803.

Prominent members of the Clinton campaign team have accused RT of direct involvement in the email hack due to its swift reporting on the WikiLeaks releases, despite the emails being publicly available through the WikiLeaks website.

WikiLeaks has been releasing the Podesta emails at around the same time every day for over a fortnight.

Rubio’s ‘coordination’ with Citadel CEO

An email thread from October 29, 2015 reveals the Clinton’s campaign ‘intel’ at work. Chicago based attorney William Mahoney emailed Podesta informing him of an encounter he witnessed between Republican candidate Marco Rubio and Citadel CEO and founder Kenneth Griffin.

“Interesting sighting at our residence in Chicago. Walking in lobby from dinner. Marco Rubio leaving, escorted by Ken Griffin from Citadel – Griffin had small event for him at residence. Super pac money to follow – Thought you should know,” Mahoney wrote.

Podesta replied, “Wow! great intel”, and forwarded the message to Tony Carrk, Clinton’s research director, who commented that the meeting “smells like coordination”.

“So the guy bankrolling the new super PAC that has an ad using her Benghazi testimony is talking with the candidate who is attacking us on Benghazi,” Carrk added.

Hedge fund manager Griffin has been named as one of the financial backers of the Future 45organization which supports Donald Trump’s presidential run. Future 45 produced the aforementioned video criticizing Clinton over the Benghazi attack in which four US citizens, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, were killed.

Read the full story at RT

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