Poland Becomes Latest European Country To Block Refugees


Following the terrorist attacks in Belgium, Poland has became the latest European country to suspend its refugee program, citing security concerns and placing the welfare of their citizens above that of refugees.


Polish Prime Minister, Photo: KPRM

“I say very clearly that I see no possibility at this time of immigrants coming to Poland,” Prime Minister Beata Szydło said on Wednesday.

The Washington Examiner reported that the move is a sharp turn from her predecessor’s stance on immigration. Ewa Kopacz had agreed to accept 7,000 asylum seekers at the onset of the European refugee crisis.

But a spokesperson for Szydlo said going forward the government must put the interest of its citizens before others. Nearly two-thirds of Poles want the country’s borders closed to refugees at the present time, according to a recent poll.

“Until procedures to verify the refugees are put in action, we cannot accept them,” Rafał Bochenek, a government spokesman, said Wednesday. “The priority of the government is the safety of Poles … We understand the previous government … signed commitments which bind our country. We cannot allow a situation in which events taking place in the countries of Western Europe are carried over to the territory of Poland.”

Poland joins its ally Hungary in its long-standing decision to block refugees.


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