Police Chief Frustrated – Obama Protected Illegal Invader Rapes 10 Year-Old-Girl – Of Course, ICE Released Him To Reoffend


Ruben Hernandez Nunez, a  27-year-old Mexican illegal alien has been arrested for raping a ten year old girl in McGregor, TX.


Freedom Works Reports:

A 27-year-old Mexican pervert who is in the United States illegally has been arrested for raping a ten year old girl in McGregor, TX. It is once again a crime that would not have happened and a young girl would not have become a traumatized victim if the crime bosses, Hussein Obama and Jeh Johnson, weren’t engaged in their destructive flooding of America with third-world illegal alien trash; but they are and so it did.

According to the KXXV TV News, the child predator had been picked up in May of 2013 and charged with criminal mischief. It was then he was discovered to be an illegal alien, held for an immigration violation, charged and then released on bond by an ICE judge. Predictably, that was the last they saw of him until after the rapes.

Steve Foster, the McGregor Police Chief, expressed his frustration that once the federal government becomes involved, as is mandatory with immigration cases, the disposition of the offender is out of their control. Frequently that means the illegal is allowed to remain in the country by the politicized, anti-American Department of Homeland “Security.” As is consistent with their lawless policies at DHS under Jeh Johnson, Nunez was not deported. He was released and he committed another, more heinous crime.

Offenses such as this and worse are a regular occurrence  and they will simply continue to happen until those responsible, Johnson and Obama, are removed from their positions of power which they so readily abuse. Their Democrat agenda is more important than America, our civil society or the rule of law and no amount of suffering by the people of this nation will change that.

We are reminded of that fact on a far too frequent basis.

Photo:  Bing

KXXV-TV News Channel 25 – Central Texas News and Weather for Waco, Temple, Killeen |




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