Police Officer Pistol Whipped With His Own Gun – Pictures Posted Online [Video]


Birmingham police say an officer was attacked on Friday and was pistol-whipped with his own gun during a traffic stop. Images of the bloodied officer appeared on Facebook and Twitter which outraged police and Sgt. Heath Boackle, the President of Fraternal Order of Police.

Janard Cunningham, 34, an Alabama man has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly beating a Birmingham police officer with his own gun until he didn’t move.



Daily Mail Reports:

Cunningham was taken into custody after the assault and is being held at Jefferson County Jail while police have released a second suspect who was apprehended without filing charges. 

During the traffic stop, the detective pulled over Cunningham’s SUV and told him to stay in the car while he waited for backup to arrive.

Cunningham is said to have fled the scene after beating the officer until he didn't move anymore. A second suspect was released without any charges

Cunningham is said to have fled the scene after beating the officer until he didn’t move anymore. A second suspect was released without any charges

The suspect disobeyed that order, questioned why he had been stopped and then struck the officer in the head with his own weapon, AL.com reported.

The beating reportedly continued until the officer was no longer moving, with Cunningham then fleeing the scene.

While the detective was brought to the hospital, US Marshals and other officers tracked down the suspect and took him into custody.

After the arrest, photos of the bloodied detective began popping up on social media, with some commenters applauding what happened.

Other Alabama officers were angered by the outpouring of support for the suspect.


Birmingham police Sgt Heath Boackle, president of the Fraternal Order of Police, said: ‘He was laying there lifeless and people were standing around taking pictures.

‘If the tables were turned, and that was a suspect lying there, they would be rioting.’

‘The officer had every right to shoot him,’ Boackle said. 

The alleged attack followed strained relations between police and minorities that have been highlighted by recent high profile incidents involving the death of black men in incidents with authorities, according to Jefferson County District Attorney Brandon Falls.

Falls said: ‘My understanding is, that he just, because of what was going on around the country he felt like had to act in an aggressive manner, did so, and unfortunately an officer was severely injured in the situation.’

Birmingham Police Chief AC Roper added: “This incident underscores the danger that our officers and others experience every day.

‘I think about the recent murders of the Memphis and Shreveport police officers and recognize we too could have lost an officer today.

‘We ask the community to keep this officer and his family in your thoughts and prayers.’

Cunningham previously pleaded guilty to an assault charge in 2006 and was also charged with attempted murder in 2004 before that case was dismissed, ABC 3340 reported.

He also has past convictions for robbery and unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle, according to WVTM 13.

The unidentified officer was released from the hospital on Friday night.

Photo Courtesy of Bing


  1. The Police Officer is white! Only Black lives matter! This is the excuse the Phony Dr-Rev Al Sharpshit can come to the town in order to get the residents agitated and get all the extended family, friends and supporters of the violent, cruel cretin named Jenard Cunningham will be also coming to town so they can riot in the streets. And, mostly it is a great excuse for them to burn the town and break into any business and grab all their free shit.

    • I have to disagree Marvin. ALL LIVES MATTER! For the record, we don’t care for the DR-Rev Al Sharpton…..YES I’M BLACK! What happened is a complete disgrace and the suspect deserves whatever he has coming to him. Black or white, it doesn’t matter, Wrong is wrong, lets all stop bringing race into ever conversation. That’s all we do (white and black people). “If it was the other way around, black people would be rioting” or “If the old white guy that was tasered was black, he would have got hit with bullets instead of a taser” Lets stop pointing fingers like children and point out a solution.

      • You are right, Brother Glen. I am being a wise-ass, poking humor at a humorless situation. I served in combat with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam. I was involved in the bloody combat operation remembered as “Hamburger Hill” We were almost 50/50 white and black. A couple of Asians and Spanish. This battle was from 5/10/69 to 5/20/69. I was a Medic. We, Americans took care of each other. When one of my comrades was hit, it did not matter who or what. I was there to help stabilize him and get him ready for a Dust-Off. (Medic-Vac on a chopper) All of us served as brothers to each other. I watched my comrades crawl out under murderous enemy fire to drag a wounded brother back into the perimeter for me to treat. We, who survived are bounded for the rest of our lives, closer to each other than our own family. We survivors get together at Fort Campbell as often as we can. We are old, bent, grey, some on power chairs and then some are now missing? We immediately recognize each other. All I see are my brothers forged forever through the hell of combat. Black, white Hispanic, oriental, what the Hell! We are brothers! We hug, we cheek kiss, we hold each other, we laugh and some of us cry with joy. We are once more 19 years old or so. AND! We remember every fucking moment of some of the worst hell and combat history has shown to be the most intense of the entire war. And, we remember our brothers we sent home to their families draped in an American Flag. The purpose of my rant is this: Most of these mindless thugs running around hurting others have never had to put their very lives in another ones trust. They have never served anything except their own personal gain or ego. Okay, I’m outa here.

  2. We need to make birth control mandatory for ANYONE who receives Welfare, EBT, WIC, or public housing. Some people (of all races) do nothing but breed criminals.

  3. Self defense. To bad the black father of 10 in Cincinati didn’t do the same thing because they would both be alive and the cop wouldn’t be charged with murder.I understand the Dash Cam video has disappeared and it probably tells a different story. Black people arn’t going to take it anymore so be prepared for every car stop to be a shoot out.

  4. He was punched, fell to the ground and never had a chance to do what they say he decided not to do.Just more lies to try and cover a record of regular lies. This is just one more incident that proves the lack of respect,honesty,integrity,good moral character,sound minds and more that every single member of law enforcement has today when it comes to the ones that pay them to serve them. Look at what they do to whistle blowers and it proves “every single member” is true right straight out of the academy.They have tilled and seeded their own garden of grief.


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