Police Officer Shot Dead For Showing Up With No Warrant And Threatening Family Dogs With Stun Gun


cop shot dead

A very tragic story comes from out of a small town the the Keystone state, Pennsylvania. Freemansburg police officer Robert Lasso, who was only 31 years old, was shot and killed by a man after pointing a taser at the man’s dogs. Lasso was responding to a domestic violence call, and his killer, 46-year-old George Hitcho Jr., told him to get off of his property and not to come back unless he had a warrant.

Lasso ended up in the back yard of the house, and at that time, two of Hitcho’s dogs became aggressive. Lasso called for backup and was told to shoot the dogs. He pointed a taser at the dogs, deciding on less than lethal force, and that is when Hitcho shot and killed Lasso.

Just this week, a jury of nine women and three men took only 4 hours to find Hitcho guilty of first degree murder. Evidence in court showed that Hitcho shot the officer in the back of the head from only five feet away. He then went into the house, and came back and stood in the door with a fully loaded .12 gauge shotgun, waiting for more cops.

Lasso had two children who will now grow up without their father. This is just one more sad story from the U.S. where it almost seems that there is a war between police officers and private citizens. A spree of citizens killed by police has plagued the state of California recently, and there have been several instances where police have shot and killed people’s dogs. Perhaps the best thing to do is quit watching the news and reading the media (and I saw this at the sake of risking my own livelihood as I work in media), but our anger seems to be boiling over. Perhaps it’s time to turn off the heat.

source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2025812/Police-officer-Robert-Lasso-shot-dead-pointing-stun-gun-mans-dogs.html


  1. Or cops could quit being so heavy handed. Not all cops are bad but the ones that are will take your life. Kinda reminds me of the saying “I’d rather be judged by 12 then 1”. I’m not saying this officer was a bad cop but you never know

  2. I would have done the same thing. He warned not to come on his property wo a warrant. The cop was in the wrong and knew it! Don’t portray the cops as the good guys here. They not only knew the law but we’re warned.

  3. I have no sympathy, whatsoever, for the police officer! He was on private property without a warrant and received fair warning to leave but chose to ignore it. I understand the homeowner’s actions completely because I was once in a similar situation back in 1988 when I was forced to make a quick decision to kill a San Francisco Police officer who was attempting to enter my home without a warrant. The officer in question had a revolver in his hand and I greatly feared he would harm my wife and infant son who were asleep in our bedroom upstairs. Fortunately, however, for everyone involved, the police officer backed down and left my property without making any physical attempt to enter it. Apparently the officers had mistakenly believed my residence to be the same as a suspect’s who they were after. The suspect actually lived next-door to me.

  4. Feel bad for the Officer but the Man had a right to defend his property, His conviction will never stand up to appeal. The officer was instructed to leave the property and to not return without a warrant, at which time he trespassed into the back yard and was about to harm this mans property. I see this dept. and possibly state of PA. paying on a large civil suit. It’s truly sad this officer died but the real tragedy is that he died while violating another’s civil rights.

  5. I would shoot anyone one Cop or not that doesn’t respect my property, livestock or possessions without proper authority and being recognized ( the Castle Doctrine, the oldest and most sanctioned of rights to property and security )! This unfortunate officer committed suicide by STUPIDITY ! Unfortunate as it may be but most officers assume that they are the Gestopo and the final word in all encounters . Obviously, They ARE NOT ! He WAS warned and did not comply, that’s SUICIDE by land owner ! Deal WITH IT ! But, by the same token, I would take a bullet for any officer doing his duty in a legal, proper manner that needed help without waiting until he’s DEAD to protect him ! Two wrongs NEVER make a RIGHT ! Where the HECK was his backup ? Why didn’t he have BACKUP ? Who was the IDIOT that told him to shoot the mans Dog ? He bears heavily in responsibility for this unfortunate needless fatality ! Bad training and very poor supervision of an inexperienced lone officers out of bounds and his authority !

  6. You are all missing a very important set of facts. 1: cops called for a domestic violence call and 2: the cop was shot in the back of the head. Good cop bad cop not sure. The point is they were called to the property for a reason. With that being said
    There was responsible doubt to be there.

    • The officer was called for a domestic disturbance call, but not by the property owner. Therefore he should have honored the man’s wishes when he was told to return with a warrant. He had the right to go on the property of the person that called the domestic disturbance, and that is all. Just because you’re a police officer does not mean you’re right all the time. Mr. Hemstreet, that’s the answer to your number one.” The head, in the ear’ in the mouth, in the crotch, it don’t matter, he was trespassing and was asked to leave, and get a warrant to come back with. Not to go in the backyard and shoot the dog, whether it’s with a gun or a taster. FACTS: That’s your answer to number two. The only part you got right is GOOD COP BAD COP NOT SURE. That’s the way it is with all cops until they prove different, individually.

      • The cop was about to unlawfully kill, or, at best, torture, the dog. Tazer is not a non-lethal weaopon, as many dead people can attest, and nor is it ok to use it to torture people or animals for no reason.
        Cop was trespassing, asked to leave, and about to torture and/or kill the man’s dog, he was a bad cop.

        As to “back of the head”: Do you propose the property owner ask him to turn around before shooting his dog so he could defend it by shooting the cop in the face? Are you assuming the property owner was not saying “don’t shoot my dog”?

  7. In California the police didn’t shoot citizens, they were illegal aliens who were committing crimes and/or acting in a threatening manor.

  8. the police and the justice system in this country is broken,
    and out of control it is time for the people to stand up to this corruption, there are a good number of police officers who are honest and try to do a good job but they’re also plenty of corrupt police officers hiding behind the badge, in a broken justice system,
    you cannot receive a fair day in court in this country anymore, o,J, proved it!!
    it’s all about the money, if you have enough money you can do anything you want,
    that is not what this country and justice system was founded on,
    everyone is supposed to be equal and it is not that way,
    it is time for the American people to take back our country,
    clean house, and form a new government,
    in the same manner in which our country was founded,
    and put a stop to all this corruption and police officer abuse

  9. The cop got what was comming to him. They think they are above the laws. Come to my house like that?…2 in the chest..1 in the head..Cops should READ the laws they are to enforce…than follow them.

  10. I feel bad for the whole situation. The officer had to answer the call. Why they sent him alone I’ll never know. When it is a domestic call you don’t know all the facts about what is going on. Could be someone hurt or being held against their will. The officer can’t tell until he talks with someone. It is a hard decision to make but backup was coming and he should have waited off the property. The writer of this story seems to be foreign, as his last paragraph is a bit like propaganda to stir things up. He also says “This is one more sad story from the U.S.” which leads me to believe he is from out of the country. I wish writers would just stay with the facts and not throw their own thoughts and feelings into a story.

  11. So my reply was deleted. Here it is again: “You harm my dogs, I kill your family”. Cops DO NOT obey your constitutional rights. Dont cite the Miranda; that is NOT a part of the Constitution!


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