Popular American Clothiers Introduce Cannabis-Infused Products To Shelves


Because of the hard work of John Boehner and the common sense resurgence of the 21st century hemp and certain other varieties of the cannabis plant are now federally legal.

This has led to a boom in all things cannabis here in America.  Hemp, the physical byproduct of the plant, can be used to manufacture an enormous and wide variety of products including fabric for clothes and high tensile plastic alternatives that are natural and biodegradable.

The compounds within the plant have also birthed a new cottage industry as CBD-infused products continue to populate store shelves around America.  For many, these edible oils and body balms are the perfectly safe alternative to anxiety medications and muscle creams, without all the heavy metals and synthetic substances.

Now, as if we needed any other proof of cannabis culture’s infusion into the mainstream, popular fashion company American Eagle will be jumping on the bandwagon as well.

American Eagle Outfitters Inc (AEO.N) will start selling cannabidiol (CBD)-infused personal care products in the United States later this year, entering a market that has seen booming demand among the apparel retailer’s core younger customers.

The retailer will sell CBD-infused lotions, muscle balms and aromatherapy products developed and supplied by Green Growth Brands Inc (GGB.CD), the Toronto-headquartered cannabis company said on Thursday.

The products will appeal directly to American Eagle’s mainly millennial audience as they view CBD as the next big trend in lifestyle focused on health, analysts told Reuters.

The move comes as the nation moves ever closer to ending the federal prohibition of the cannabis plant entirely, including varieties containing THC, the psychoactive ingredient responsible for the “high” that comes from ingesting marijuana.

That legalization would have a profound effect on the American economy, as evidenced by states such as Colorado and Washington who have already taken the no-nonsense plunge into regulated sales of the plant for recreational use.