Powerful Film Exposes ‘Gun-Free Zones’ As ‘Unarmed Victim Zones’ (Video)


With only six months left until President Obama leaves office his gun control agenda is in full force. He uses every shooting and terrorist act to convince liberal Americans that stricter gun laws will make them safer when common sense dictates that criminals and terrorists do not adhere to laws.

What Obama and mainstream media are not reporting is that most of the mass shooters passed background checks to own guns so his stricter laws would only serve to make it harder for law abiding citizens to own guns.  

It’s mind boggling to think that any sane person would believe that a gun free zone would make them safer when the only person safe is the shooter.

Logic, and actual instances have proven that when a shooter encountered return gunfire the casualties were less and in many cases the shooter was killed.  

Gun Owners of America has teamed up with production company Reel Clef to release the short film Praesidium, a film that powerfully highlights the dangers of gun-free zones and the need for armed self-defense, AWR Hawkins, Breitart News reported.

The film, directed by Reel Clef’s Paul Myzia, opens with a man running down a street in desperation. The street is lined with abandoned buildings and the man turns and runs into one, as suspense builds.

Inside, in a gun free zone, on a concrete floor, lies a beautiful woman who has been shot dead.

In a brief interview with Breitbart News, director Paul Myzia said that short films often have the power to illuminate arguments more effectively than long-form essays or political punditry.

“I sincerely hope that viewers (whether pro or anti-gun) walk away realizing the dangers of gun-free zones, and consider that we the people need to challenge them,” Myzia told Breitbart in an email. “Every person I shared the idea for the film with, including anti-gunners, admitted, ‘Well yeah, of course, criminals don’t care and that sign isn’t going to stop one.’ My follow-up question, then, is: Okay, if we all agree with that – why do they even exist?”

“There are so many aspects and angles to the ‘gun’ conversation our nation is having that could’ve been included, but I wanted to focus solely on the ineffectiveness of gun-free zones,” Myzia added. “Bottom line is, criminals don’t follow the law, and gun-free zones only disarm law-abiding citizens. Had gun-free zones never existed, there’d be a lot less tragic shootings in this country.”

In August 2015, Breitbart News published an overview of eight high-profile attacks in gun-free zones. Those were Virginia Tech (April 2007), Fort Hood (November 2009), Aurora movie theater (July 2012), Sandy Hook Elementary School (December 2012), DC Navy Yard (September 2013), Fort Hood (April 2014), Chattanooga military offices (July 2015), and Lafayette Grand Theatre (July 2015). In those eight attacks alone, 105 lives were lost, and more than 150 others were injured.

If we add more recent high-profile attacks in gun-free zones — Umpqua Community College (October 2015) and Pulse Orlando (June 2016) — the death toll rises to 163 and the number of injured far exceeds 200.

In all of these attacks — as in the film Praesidium — gun-free policies simply ensured that the gunman’s victims could not defend themselves.



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