President Donald Trump Sets Internet on Fire, Retweets Hilarious Slam on Hillary Clinton’s New Book

President Donald Trump Sets Internet on Fire, Retweets Hilarious Slam on Hillary Clinton’s New Book

Hillary Clinton’s ‘What Happened’ book becomes the butt of Twitter jokes…

Hillary Clinton had the opportunity to bow out gracefully after losing the presidency to Donald Trump, but instead, she chose to go on tour talking to anyone who would listen trying to explain ‘what happened.’

She appeared on talk shows and did interviews with the mainstream media and touted that she should have won had Russia not intervened – then claiming she won the popular vote and the electoral college was to blame.

She decided that was not enough and wrote a book called, ‘What Happened,’ assuming that people needed more of an explanation.

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It became apparent that Hillary was the only one who did not know what happened – Donald Trump happened, and her book title made her brunt of jokes and hilarious memes.

On Saturday evening, President Trump set the Internet ablaze by endorsing one such meme when he endorsed a tweet about Hillary Clinton and the title of her new book, What Happened.

After President Trump and First Lady Melania spent the day visiting survivors of Hurricane Harvey on September 2, Trump took a few minutes off Saturday night to fire up Twitter, as he so often does, Breitbart reports.

The president retweeted a message from a Trump fan account called Team_Trump45. It was a meme image featuring the cover of Clinton’s campaign autopsy book, What Happened. Next to the image of Clinton’s book cover was a similar but fake book cover with a large photo of a smiling Donald Trump under the words, “I Happened.”

Along with the president, the Tweet reached over 44,000 likes, more than 15,000 re-tweets, and 4,500 comments by press time.

The president’s endorsement of the hilarious jab against Hillary comes just ahead of her book tour, which is drawing criticism before it even starts.

Breitbart reports:

Last week news broke that the former Secretary of State and two-time losing candidate for president was charging $2,000 and more for an opportunity to meet her and get an autographed copy of the book during the book tour.

A “VIP platinum ticket” for a Sept. 28 talk in Toronto, Canada will cost a hefty $2,375.95. Similar pricing is available in other Canadian cities. General admission tickets, which are already sold out, went for approximately $70 each, according to Fox News.

Meanwhile, President Trump spent Saturday serving meals and meeting with victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

Indeed, due to his warm demeanor and sunny optimism, one victim of Harvey said that after meeting Trump, she changed her mind about him.

On Friday, the president also pledged to donate one million dollars of his own money to Hurricane Harvey relief. Thus far, though, it isn’t known when or how that donation will be fulfilled.


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