President Obama, Look Who’s Carrying ‘Undetectable’ Forged Passports


Earlier this week President Obama went before the Antalya summit and declared that it was ‘un-American’ and ‘shameful’ to only want to accept Christian refugees over Muslims. Americans were outraged by his condemnation, after all, who is more un-American than Barack Obama.


Many states are taking steps to halt the influx of Syrian Muslim refugees demanding assurance that radical Islamists are not making their way into the United States.   

In answer to the Paris attack, Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser, assured the American people that they had nothing to fear, saying, “screening procedures were in place, and that includes our intelligence community, our national Counter-terrorism Center [and] the Department of Homeland Security.”  

In light of this report by Adam Withnall, the Independent, there absolutely is cause to halt the influx of Syrian Muslim refugees pending a review of proper screening procedures.

The two passports were almost certainly produced by the same forger in Turkey, officials say

A man has been detained in Serbia after he was found carrying a Syrian passport matching the same details as one found near the body of one of the Paris suicide bombers.

The document also carried the details of 25-year-old Almohammad Ahmad but with a different photograph to the one found on Friday.

It raises already serious concerns that the passport used to identify one of the attackers as a “refugee terrorist” was faked.


Whether the man who blew himself up outside the Stade de France did indeed travel through Greece and Macedonia, as the passport suggests, remains unclear.

Greek authorities have said they took the passport-holder’s fingerprints and photo when he was registered there on the 3 October, and it is now up to the French authorities to match them to one of the attackers’ bodies.

But according to the Serbian daily Blic, the existence of the second passport with the same data means “it is likely that the two men separately purchased false Syrian passports at the same forger in Turkey”.

The name itself, Almohammad Ahmad, is unknown to the French anti-terror authorities, and officials have been careful not to draw conclusions from the passport found at the bomb site in Paris.


Media outlets, however, have drawn attention to the fact that one of the bombers may have entered Europe on a refugee boat, and the far-right leader Marine le Pen has called on France to stop its refugee intake with immediate effect.

On Sunday, the European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker urged political leaders not to be put off the programme already agreed for taking in more of those genuinely fleeing conflict.

Those who attacked Paris were “criminals”, Mr Juncker said at the G20 summit in Turkey, “not refugees, not asylum seekers”.

“Those who organised these attacks and those that perpetrated them are exactly those that the refugees are fleeing and not the opposite,” he said.


Obama: ‘Wanting To Accept Only Christian Refugees From Middle East Is Un-American – Shameful!

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  1. Considering we have already admitted muslim refugees it is time for Christian refugees. The last batch of Christian refugees were sent back if I remember right.


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