Pro-Trump Pastor: Chicago Gang Leaders Want To Work With POTUS On Crime (Video)

Pro-Trump Pastor: Chicago Gang Leaders Want To Work With POTUS On Crime (Video)

Rev. Darrell Scott, a megachurch pastor from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, said that top Chicago gang members reached out to him and want to work with President Donald Trump to combat violence in the Windy City, Fox News reported.

Scott said during a meeting between several black leaders and President Trump those gang leaders “believe in this administration” and the president’s stated mission to reduce the violence-related body count in inner cities.

“They didn’t believe in the prior administration. They told me this out of their mouths,” he said at the roundtable.

The gang leaders told Scott they would make an effort to decrease the level of violence currently seen in parts of Chicago if the Trump administration invested in social programs for underprivileged urban residents, the pastor said.

“I think that’s great,” Trump responded, “Chicago is totally out of control.”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said this week he prefers that the federal government help his city by sending more resources from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms and FBI, according to CBS.

“We don’t have to talk about it anymore, just send them,” he said.

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