‘Very Professional Operation’: Masked Men Break Into Office of WikiLeaks Lawyer ‘As CIA Threats Heat Up’

‘Very Professional Operation’: Masked Men Break Into Office of WikiLeaks Lawyer ‘As CIA Threats Heat Up’

Spanish media reports that masked men broke into the office of WikiLeaks’ chief counsel Baltasar Garzón, in what police say was a “very professional,” operation.

“As CIA threats against @WikiLeaks heat up, at least three masked men dressed in black have broken into @WikiLeaks chief counsel Baltasar Garzón’s legal office, blinding security cameras with tape, in a “very professional” operation say police,” tweeted WikiLeaks on Tuesday.

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El Pais reports:

As if it were impossible mission, at least three people dressed in black broke into the Madrid offices of the former judge for National Court Baltasar Garzón. The alleged thieves were “very professional,” according to police sources. The suspects blinded the security cameras with tape. No money was stole, say police sources. But it does seem that they  went through documents. It has not yet been determined what is missing.

The investigation is being carried out by the police as if it were “an attempted robbery.” They are waiting for technicians to check if copies of files have been stolen from the computers.

The GP reports:

It’s no secret U.S. intelligence agencies have been on a warpath against WikiLeaks for years. The self-described ‘international non-profit organization that publishes secret information and news leaks provided by anonymous sources,’ has especially been under the CIA’s hot, white lights since publishing the emails of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and the Democratic National Committee.

According to WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange, the Deep State has struck a blow to the organization’s tax structure.

“We have discovered an amazing plot by U.S. intelligence against the foundation which provides @WikiLeaks donors with tax deductibility in the EU (Wau Holland Stiftung). It comes after our series on the CIA, . In press next week,” tweeted Assange on Sunday.


“Strangely, at the same time in the US, the “Freedom of the Press” foundation (FPF) has told us it will shut down our US tax deductible gateway in January. US tax deductible contributions can be made for the rest of the month: https://shop.wikileaks.org/donate.”


“The FPF shutdown is richly ironic as the FPF was founded precisely in order to stop economic censorship against WikiLeaks. Here is my letter to the FPF (lots of previously secret history, check it out!): https://pastebin.com/raw/qnB5gMam  (And FPF’s response: https://pastebin.com/raw/MD0LhhiF ).”


“Like our response to the first banking blockade @WikiLeaks will open up additional crypto-currencies. Those wanting to contribute to @WikiLeaks can already use  and the ultra-private , & https://shop.wikileaks.org/donate,” added Assange.


“You can also purchase @WikiLeaks merchandise at http://WikiLeaks.shop  using a variety of methods including an extensive list of crypto-currencies,” concluded Assange.


News of the “banking blockade,” comes after The Gateway Pundit‘s Jim Hoft reported that Assange still maintains Deep State operatives aim to replace President Donald Trump with Vice-President Mike Pence.


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