Proof That Twitter’s Algorithms Target Trump Supporters (Video)


We know that Facebook, Google and Twitter are censoring conservatives and more so President Trump and his supporters. Facebook does it under the premise of stopping fake news when in fact the only fake news is coming from the mainstream media like CNN, but they are not censored.

Mark Zuckerberg was grilled before Congress for censoring conservative YouTube stars Diamond and Silk, and the aftereffect was felt by many Page owners on Facebook, like Truth Uncensored, who noticed their reach to fans had slightly increased.

On Wednesday, the Gateway Pundit’s Cassandra Fairbanks posted a video she said was provided by a Twitter user that reportedly proves the site’s bots are programmed to catch and ban Trump supporters.

The video experiment is somewhat similar to the Facebook experiment conducted by Shurat HaDin, except in this case, the user tried to make two accounts — one pro-Trump and one anti-Trump, Conservative Firing Line reported.

According to Fairbanks:

While attempting to create the first account, the person doing the experiment attempted to use the name “American Trump Supporter.” The account was immediately locked and they were unable to even use the platform at all.

Next, the user created an account with the name “Resist Trump Tards” and used the “top liberal hashtags” to create the bio. The account was not locked and was allowed to tweet, follow other users and be followed.

The accounts were set up using identical methods, VPN locations and throwaway email providers.

When asked why they decided to do this experiment, “Brave Saint” explained that they had attempted to make an anonymous pro-Trump account and it was instantly locked. This sparked their curiosity and lead to them conducting the tests.

Here’s the video — there’s no audio, hence no need to adjust your volume.

We need more supporters of President Trump to do the same and document it to put pressure on Twitter the same way it was put on Facebook. They need to be held accountable, they have a public platform and can’t deny conservatives their First Amendment rights simply because they do not like our political views.


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