Puerto Rican CEO Calls Local Government ‘Corrupt and Inept’ – Sends His Own Team to Help Trump FEMA Efforts


As previously reported, the mainstream media has been very critical of President Trump’s response to Hurricane Maria’s hit on Puerto Rico, and a lot of it is based on fake news.

The media went into a frenzy after San Juan Mayor Carmen Cruz delivered an ‘emotional‘ speech on Saturday accusing President Trump’s administration of “killing” Puerto Rico’s people, when in fact – she is the one responsible for people suffering.

Yulin made an impassioned plea to “anyone who can hear me” saying “we are dying” while standing in a warehouse in front of pallets of US aid from the mainland.

President Trump was quick to respond to Yulin’s attack on FEMA’s aid efforts.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Now we know why the people have no aid.
The Teamsters Union drivers did not show up to work.
Only 20% of drivers arrived at the ports to distribute the relief supplies.

9,500 containers of aid supplies at the San Juan port have not been moved due to a lack of truck drivers, a fuel shortage and damaged infrastructure after Hurricane Maria 

San Juan Mayor Cruz who happens to be a huge Hillary Clinton supporter, immediately received huge backlash for her blatant lies and anti-Trump propaganda during a time of crisis.

In an op-ed in the New York Post, Jorge Rodriguez, the Harvard-educated CEO of engineering firm PACIV based in Puerto Rico said he refuses to work with local governments because they are inept and riddled with corruption.

Via New York Post:

I have 50 engineers that I have sent out pro bono to help local companies get back on their feet. This includes getting people gasoline and cash, and helping them connect to others that can assist with repairs without delays.

I won’t allow my people to work with the local government.

I have a message for the U.S. Congress: Watch out what relief funds you approve and let our local government handle. Don’t let the Puerto Rican government play the victim and fool you. They have no clue what they are doing, and I worry that they will mishandle anything that comes their way.

Rodriguez also pointed out that Puerto Rico can’t even handle regular societal needs due to decades of government corruption and that the water and power systems were already failing prior to hurricane Maria’s devastating blow.

Ricardo Rossello is a 36-year-old Governor with no experience dealing with budgets. In fact, Rodriguez says the Governor never really held a job before and his entire administration is totally inexperienced. They have no idea how to handle a crisis this large.

Read the full op-ed here.

The Puerto Rican CEO isn’t the only prominent person calling out Mayor Cruz and government corruption.

As previously reported, Mayor Angel Perez of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico ripped San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz on Saturday after she attacked President Trump and accused him of doing nothing to help Puerto Rico after the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria.

The Daily Caller spoke with Mayor Angel Perez and he described how his experience with government assistance has been different than what Cruz described because he is actually attending FEMA meetings and proactively helping his community:

“My experience is different. I have been participating in different meetings at the headquarters of FEMA and our government and the help is coming in and right now my experience is different from hers. I’m receiving help from the government, we are receiving assistance from FEMA, I got people over here helping us with applications for the people that have damage in their houses. And we have here in Guaynabo, we have thousands of people that lost partially or totally their houses.”

When Perez was asked about the “Genocide” comment Cruz made, the Mayor responded:

“I don’t know why she is saying that. What I can tell you is my experience. She is not participating in any meetings and we had a couple already with the governors and with representation of FEMA and of HUD, of these whole federal agencies that have given us help and she’s not participating in those meetings and some mayors from her political party have been participating, so I don’t know why she is saying that. My experience is very different.”

Cruz is getting ripped on social media as well for ‘performing for the cameras’ instead of for the citizens.

The propaganda is theatrical at this point with the Mayor of San Juan wearing a “Help us we are dying” t-shirt as she claims Trump is ignoring Puerto Rico. Beyond pathetic.

I would not put it past CNN to have provided Yulín with the t-shirt that she wears all the time.

Cristina Laila, the Gateway Pundit sums it perfecting:

Just look at her ‘SOS’ hat and ‘help us we are dying’ t-shirt. This type of propaganda is even shocking to the most jaded news junkies. The only reason why Cruz’s people are suffering is because the supplies aren’t being dispersed; she is willing to sacrifice her own people in order to take a shot at Trump. Unbelievable.



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