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‘Put The Blame Where It Belongs’: Maher Blasts Bill Clinton Over Comey Firing (Video)


Liberal comedian Bill Maher said President Clinton is at fault for the events that led to now-former FBI Director James Comey’s firing.

Maher said on HBO that much of the controversy raised by Comey during the last months of his tenure can be traced to Clinton visiting then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch in Phoenix, Fox News reports.

“Comey had to say what he did [in July 2016 about Hillary Clinton’s email investigation] because the attorney general had to recuse herself because [Bill Clinton] walked on her plane,” Maher said.

“Bill once again [expletive]’ed-up his wife’s life,” he remarked.

Maher said that if President Clinton hadn’t boarded Lynch’s plane on the Sky Harbor Airport tarmac for several minutes without a third party, Lynch would have held the harshly-criticized press conference instead of Comey.

At the July press conference Comey laid out the aggravating factors in the case against Secretary Clinton, but then recommended against prosecuting her for mishandling classified information.

Maher said that after Comey made a second statement prior to the election that the FBI was looking at Clinton-related emails found on former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (D-N.Y.) laptop, Democrats wanted him out of his post.

He said such Democratic backlash against Comey gave President Trump a “talking point” after he effectively consented to their wishes and fired Comey last week.

“Let’s put the blame where it belongs,” Maher said.


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