Putin Portrait Briefly Appeared in Colorado Capitol Where Trump’s One Still Missing


For a brief time on Thursday, a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin was on display in Colorado’s Capitol building in a space designated for President Trump’s.

While official paintings of George W. Bush and Barack Obama occupy their respective slots, there is still a blank space on the Colorado Capitol’s wall of presidential portraits.

The portrait of Putin was reportedly put up on an easel on the Capitol’s wall of presidential portraits by an unknown prankster. It was later taken down by a tour guide, according to Denver NBC affiliate, 9News.

Before the portrait was removed, however, Colorado State Sen. Steve Fenberg (D) shared a photo of the display on Twitter.

The Hill reports:

The spot, which is designated for Trump’s portrait, is reportedly blank due to a lack of donations made to the Colorado Citizens for Culture. The group is tasked with collecting donations for presidential portraits to be commissioned and placed in the Capitol.

The station reported that the group hasn’t been able to commission a portrait for the president yet because it hasn’t received any donations toward the $10,000 sum needed for Trump’s portrait.

Colorado Citizens for Culture said it typically raises money for presidential portraits within four months. According to the group, it was able to raise about the same amount of money within that time frame for the portraits of former Presidents George W. Bush and Obama.


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