Putin Slams Obama: “Not Grounded In The Real World… Absolutely Unprofessional Politics” [Video]


As airstrikes in Syria heat up, so too has the rhetoric between President Obama and President Vladinir Putin. Obama claims that Putin’s military, which now includes the globally feared Spetnatz special operations teams, are attacking rebel forces opposed to Syria’s President Assad.


Putin, on the other hand, says that the so-called rebels are actually ISIS terrorists that have been funded and armed by OBAMA, and America.

These comments from Russian President Vladimir Putin are in response to a question asked by a U.S. journalist, and are essential because they shed further light on President Obama’s failed middle east policies, specifically, his claims about targeting ISIS. Moreover, they provide insight into Putin’s motivations for taking action in Syria and how he views the current U.S.

Via Truthstream Media:

Who on earth armed them?

Who armed the Syrians that were fighting with Assad?

Who created the necessary political and informational climate that facilitated the situation?

Who pushed for the delivery of arms to the area?

Do you really not understand as to who is fighting in Syria?

They are mercenaries mostly. Do you understand they are paid money?

I consider this absolutely unprofessional politics. It is not grounded in facts, in the real world.

Can they [Obama Administration] not think a step ahead? We don’t stand for this kind of politics in the U.S. We consider it wrong. It harms all parties, including you [U.S.A.].

Vladimir Putin has warned of nuclear consequences should they be pushed into a corner and they are regularly flying strategic bombers along the West coast of the United States as a show of force. Moreover, they recently renovated over 5,000 nuclear shelters in and around Moscow. (HT DC Clothesline)

It is no secret that Putin has been angry at the Obama administration since they seized assets from Russian politicians and business men while also threatening the personal fortune of the Russian President himself.

HT DC Clothesline


  1. I do understand that Russia is probably sore about what we did to them, but that is not the only reason Putin is revealing this. I know this makes us look really, really bad, but I’m happy that this is finally out and the public, especially us Americans, are getting the truth. I know this will sound racist, but the only reason he was voted in because he was black. He hasn’t done anything good for the country yet, and he’s fucking up everything overseas as well. The thing that makes us look really bad is the fact that countries like Russia, who are not our best buddies, are bringing this to light by addressing the public and not Obama himself! He has enough respect for our country and our past relationship to let us know that Obama is just an embarrassment and needs to be removed; gotta respect that!


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