Rapper Chuck D on Vegas Attack: Trump is Protecting NRA ‘TERRORIST’ Organization (Video)


And so it begins. Now the Left is going to use the actions of a lone madman to go after President Trump and the NRA.

When TMZ asked Public Enemy’s Chuck D if he had anything to say to the people in Las Vegas following Sunday night attack at a country music festival audience, Chuck D said “the NRA is a terrorist organization.”

“The [Trump] administration backs the terrorist organization and never uses the word,” the “Fight the Power” rapper told TMZ in an impromptu interview Monday.

He believes Millennials are realizing the so-called danger of the NRA and he believes NRA supporters “fear” that Millennials are “now cognizant of the NRA, where before, it wasn’t even in their narrative,” Breitbart reports.

“Now you got younger people who are waking up, and they’re woke at 18 and 19 and said, ‘This is some bullsh*t,’” the rapper said.

Breitbart reports:

Actor Jeffrey Wright took a similar approach to the NRA Monday, insinuating that their response to the Vegas attack would be to carry a .50 caliber rifle into a concert venue for self-defense:

Piers Morgan likewise criticized the NRA following the Vegas attack and suggested Trump is now under pressure to pull away from the group:

Breitbart News reported Monday that the Vegas attacker passed background checks for a number of his guns. This means FBI background check reviewers saw nothing in his past to indicate he ought not own a gun. Guns & Guitars manager Christopher Sullivan said the attacker “[did] not have a criminal history.”

The ‘facts’ won’t matter to the Left – they will go after President Trump and hound him to change the gun control laws even though the ones in place worked as they were supposed to.

I wonder if Chuck D is going to give up his guns or the ones his bodyguards use.

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