Raw footage doesn’t lie, scripted news does.

Raw footage doesn’t lie, scripted news does.


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Raw footage doesn’t lie, scripted news does.

I have read a few post of some well meaning Conservatives. The claim that the “Cowboys” didn’t win, that it was the BLM’s decision to release the cattle, that somehow it was under the BLM’s terms? That we Patriots just didn’t watch the news. Really now?

The “Police Man” told the Bundy Son; “You have my word” talking to a Man who had just been tased 3~4 times on the 9th?, 3 days before?. The same Cowboy who pulled the taser darts out of himself and still stood tall.
Yeah right, I’ll trust that you have “NO WORD!” Mr. Bundy told the Police, “NO YOU MOVE BACK, YOU LEAVE!”
He was not there to negotiate or make ANY deal. That folks is how it’s done Cowboy style.

Raw footage doesn’t lie, scripted news does.

Okay so Infowars funded this video, David Knight and his crew shot this video. HOWEVER it is real footage. I understand many of you do not like Alex Jones nor do you believe him, I get that totally. This is not about Infowars, David Knight or Alex Jones.

This about truth in America, LIBERTY in America. Make a stand where you stand.

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You watch this video and tell me who called the terms?
Thank you fellow Patriots.

This only one phase of one battle, it is not over.

By Bill Bohart

Video courtesy Infowars.com

David Knight’s comments on a FOX News report.


“Non sibi sed patriae”
It is time to water the tree of Liberty.
“A Republic can only survive by its Patriots spilling the blood of tyrant predators.

[Bill Bohart]


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