Republican Senator ‘Disturbed’ by Mitch McConnell’s Plans for Senate Impeachment Trial


The impeachment of President Donald Trump has been one of the most partisan and unpredictable political situations our nation has ever faced. The process the Democrats have used to try and impeach the president is shocking, unprecedented and will stand as a stain in history.

Not only is this the first time that the White House has flatly refused to cooperate with an impeachment investigation by a coequal branch of government, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to send the approved articles of impeachment to the Senate is completely unprecedented and a bit confusing for constitutional scholars.

According to scholars, President Trump has not been impeached, the only thing the House did was vote on articles, they need the Senate to complete the impeachment process.

Now, with no clear idea on when, (or even if), Pelosi will acquiesce to the traditional procedures, a number of disparate opinions are forming within the legislature, including a few cracks in the otherwise unified Republican Party.

Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski told a local television affiliate that she’s “disturbed” by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s plans to use “total coordination” with the White House to set out President Trump’s impeachment trial.

Murkowski, who remains a wild card in a potential Senate trial, has been tight-lipped on the effort. However, she shared her concerns with McConnell’s recent comments in an interview with KTUU in Anchorage, Alaska.

“When I heard that, I was disturbed,” she said.

Murkowski should have been disturbed by the way Adam Schiff ran the impeachment investigation, but she did not speak out about that, although she did vote against the articles of impeachment that they brought forward against the president.

McConnell ramped up his public appearances and interviews on Fox News in recent weeks, touting plans to work with the White House on the impeachment trial. On Dec. 12, days ahead of the House floor impeachment vote, McConnell told Fox News host Sean Hannity there’s no chance Trump would be removed from the presidency in a trial.

McConnell has become a target for congressional Democrats who are afraid that President Trump will not be convicted by the Senate who will rule to dismiss the lofty accusations the Democrats used to create their impeachment fiasco in an effort to remove the president from office.