Republicans Are Furious: Donald Trump Dominates In A Stunning New Poll


A new poll shows that Donald Trump continues to sit at the top of national polls in the Republican race for president with his most commanding lead yet. A new ABC News/Washington Post poll released Monday found Trump with 24% support among Republican voters.


Business Insider reported:

That almost doubles his next-closest opponent, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), who had 13%. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) is in third place with 12%.

Unlike a Monmouth University poll released earlier in the day, the ABC survey found that Trump’s support dropped on Sunday compared to the earlier days the pollster was in the field. However, the sample size that day was relatively small.

That drop could have been a consequence of Trump’s controversial claim on Saturday that Sen. John McCain (R-McCain), a former prisoner of war, was not a “war hero.” The real-estate developer quickly reversed his position, however, and insists he recognized McCain as a hero. The comment has since been the subject of a media firestorm.

“How long the Trump surge lasts is an open question; this poll was conducted Thursday through Sunday, mostly before his controversial criticism Saturday of Sen. John McCain’s status as a war hero,” pollster Gary Langer wrote for ABC.

Langer said Trump had even more support — 28% — in the first three days of surveying Republican voters.

“While the sample size of registered leaned Republicans on Sunday is quite small,” Langer added, “he dropped to the single digits that day.”

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  1. People are tired of the republican’s they won the vote last november to take over and stop illegal immigration.They stabbed us in the back.The republicans rino’s cant be trusted the new republicans running cant be trusted.Hilliary would be right behind finishing obama disaster.She can’t be trusted. Here come’s donald trump he’s not going to let the republicans stab us in the back no more and he will most likely destroy obamas apathetic failed policy’s.

  2. Excuse me….Mccain started the name calling by saying 25,000 american citizens were “crazies”. Remember that. McCain was the instigator.

  3. I would like a Poll for the number of Dem leaning Independents who would vote for Trump. And a Poll of Dem/Independent supporters who would Vote for ‘Trump’ were he to launch a Third Party .


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