RNC Chair: Folks Not Supporting Trump Are ‘Screwing Around With The Next 40 Years’ (Video)


Thursday on the “The Mike Gallagher Show,” Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus said considering the Supreme Court picks the next president is likely to have, some Republicans “are screwing around with the next 40 years,” by not supporting presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, Breitbart reported.

Priebus said, “It’s important for those folks to understand that support for someone else, or nobody, is support for Hillary Clinton and Sonia Sotomayor and a lot more of them on the Supreme Court…So they’re not just screwing around with the next four years. Some of these folks are screwing around with the next 40 years. So if you actually believe in this stuff and you actually want to have a conservative Supreme Court, and you think it matters, and you want someone to actually sign a budget bill that balances the thing hopefully within the next ten years for God sakes, then you’re gonna need a Republican in the White House. Otherwise we’re just wasting everyone’s time and money.”

He added, “Well some folks say ‘I don’t know if I’m on board yet.’ Well then what are you doing? You’re just wasting your time. You’re wasting everybodys money. You’re just wasting your breath. This is it. We have the House we have the Senate we need to win the White House. This is our chance to actually govern in this town and change things for the better. And for some people to take a pass, it is unfathomable why people would have that attitude.”


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