Rob Reiner: Trump Won’t Talk to Mueller Because He is ‘Certifiably Insane’ And ‘Beyond Pathological’ (Video)


Monday on MSNBC’s “The Beat,” Rob Reiner told Ari Melber that during the 2016 presidential campaign when news reports came out that President Trump used aliases when calling reporters, he knew Trump was “certifiably insane,” and “beyond pathological.”

The interview starts out with Ari Melber blatantly lying about what President Trump said last year about Don Trump’s meeting with the Russian lawyer. They claim he originally said the meeting was to talk about adoption, that is a lie, and they both know it. The meeting was about opposition research, and when they started to discuss adoption Don and the others ended the meeting.

Reiner tells Ari Melber that Trump lies “constantly” and that “everybody” in his administration “is committing crimes and admitting it”.

Here is exactly what President Trump said about the meeting, and this is why we call CNN and MSNBC the fake news.

After seeing this, you should be disgusted with what Rob Reiner says in this interview. He is so blinded with hate that Trump won the presidency instead of Hillary Clinton that he will go on national television and lie.

As you watch this ask yourself, who the pathological liars are.

Reiner said:

“OK, so first of all, it was him on the phone. When I heard this, this was during the campaign. I learned about this, this habit that he has of going on and talking as this guy John Barron, or one of these other characters, I thought to myself, this guy is certifiably insane. Because think about this for a second. Who do you know that gets on the phone and pretends to be somebody else on this kind of level and talks to a journalist to get information out? That’s insane. That’s insanity.”

He continued:

“I thought when I heard that, how can that guy be president? How are we going to allow a person who does a thing like that become president of the United States? And, you know, it happened. But that’s as crazy — that’s kind of beyond pathological. There’s some kind of mental illness that allows for something like that to happen.”


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