Rush Limbaugh: We Need Concealed-Carry in Schools – ‘Bashing the NRA Isn’t Going to Do It’ (Video)


Conservative talk radio star Rush Limbaugh argued that allowing concealed weapons in classrooms – not demonstrations or blaming the NRA – is the only way to stop school shootings, speaking three days after mass shooting that killed 17 people in a Florida high school.

This is not the first time the idea of having security guards or perhaps teachers carry guns has been raised, with Limbaugh and others arguing that a shooter could be stopped more quickly, compared to having to wait for armed police officers and tactical units to arrive.

Limbaugh said the solution is not to attack gun rights groups like the Virginia-based National Rifle Association, but instead to recognize what resources are lacking in schools that other public buildings have, Fox News Insider reports.

“The solution is concealed-carry in schools,” Limbaugh said. “If we are really serious about protecting the kids, we need a mechanism to be defensive when this kind of thing happens.”

Limbaugh said that all other public buildings, like courts, houses of government and airports have armed security – but not schools.

“Everybody that wants to shoot up a school knows that they’re going to be the only one armed,” he said. “[Saying] ‘no more guns’ isn’t going to do it. Bashing the NRA isn’t going to do it.”

He said students and others who have attacked the NRA are inadvertently politicizing the massacre.

Limbaugh added that there must be a way for the government to surveil potential shooters like Nikolas Cruz without infringing on Fourth Amendment protections.

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