Ryan Dismisses Trumps Comments on Muslim Ban ‘This Is Not What This Country Stands For’ (Video)



Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday dismissed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s comments on Muslims, saying such views are “not what this party stands for and more importantly it’s not what this country stands for.”


  1. maybe it should for now. He isn’t calling for a permanent ban. 2 other presidents that I know of have done it for the safety of America. What’s the problem with trying to keep this country safe now?

  2. Ryan sporting a beard? There are as many kinds of beards and there are reasons for sporting beards. His reason better not be DHIMMI.

    Here is another thought. There is a perversion of American Exceptionalism that the left embraces. Every other nation on Earth has BORDERS, an official language, a normative way of life and the right/ duty to protect those within from those without AND within (enemies foreign AND domestic).That is, every nation on Earth has these…EXCEPT AMERICA. Now you understand what has become of “American Exceptionalism”.


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