Citing differences of opinion over the homosexual issue with the parade, beer maker Samuel Adams will not be selling beer at this years St. Patrick’s day parade. Judging from the comments, people are supporting this as the “right” decision. Umm, not only no, but HELL NO! This nation was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs, and it is clearly stated in the Bible that homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God. I say it is time to boycott Samuel Adams beer.

Rev JC







  1. this country was not founded on christian beliefs, you are living a lie sir! this country was founded by people wanting the freedom to choose for themselves! it had absolutely nothing to do with religion! you sir have been brainwashed by a fictional book that was wrote re wrote and then rewrote again! there are only 2 mentions of homosexuality and 8 to the fact that eating shellfish is a sin. don’t get me started on the talking burning bush.. if you will believe that, you will believe anything. i feel very sorry for you and your closed mindedness… to each his own, judge not, turn the other cheek? i think you need a refresher on the bible and its message!

    • Have you ever once picked up a history book. Religion is all around us weather your ass believes it or not. And all the founding fathers of America were religious. Hens the reason god is brought up so much on every aspect of America. Money. In the constitution, and pretty much everything else. So tell us again how this country isn’t a Christian country.

    • You are WRONG! This country was founded by people searching for a place to worship their Christian beleifs. They were tired of being forced to worship as the king demanded. The we’re searching for religious freedom.
      I think your hatred of religion has blinded you.

    • Pastor Junior, I think you are reading this incorrectly. The Parade is NOT going to allow a float or display for the GLBT people, and Sam Adams is NOT selling beer because they support the GLBT community.

  2. Good for Samuel Adams for standing up for what’s right!! Besides the queers are turning St. Patrick’s day celebrations into some warped fag celebration. As an Irish American I am offended by that!!!!
    Oh and by the way to ther diiot Jeremy, this country was founded on Christian beliefs!!! The opening prayer for the Continental Congress lasted 4 1/2 hours to open the convention!!! 4 1/2 hrs of prayer asking God to be with them and work thru them to build the Declaration of Independence as well as the Bill of Rights for the people of this country to live free as God has intended.

  3. The Country most definitely was founded on Judeo Christian beliefs found in the Bible. This is a blatant fact and no matter how much Christian haters and politically correct morons attempt to say different, it will remain the truth!!!!

  4. Sorry to hear Sam Adams is getting involved in such nonsense, but as they are going against Christians, I will not be buying their swill ever again, and would encourage others to do the same. Sam Adams is likely spinning in his grave!!!

  5. Why does everything have to be about religion or politics??? In this Country we do have the Freedom of Choice – if that is their choice so be it. I think its stupid. Too much Judgement and Criticism of others these days. Live and let live! Love and Light

  6. this just another example of a manufacturer forgetting there place , I for 1 am tired of these companies who feel a moral obligation to do or not to do anything ,, sell your beer or not but shut the hell up , stop trying to be politically relevant , your a damn brewery ,,not any ones moral guide


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