San Francisco Cop Arrested For Possessing AR

San Francisco Cop Arrested For Possessing AR

Thomas Abrahamsen, an 18-year veteran of the San Francisco Police Department was arrested on gun charges Tuesday after the department’s internal affairs division ended a yearlong investigation.

According to Guns Thomas Abrahamsen, 50, a Berkeley resident, was charged with one felony count of manufacturing of an assault weapon and one felony count of possession of an assault weapon.


Authorities say internal affairs began its investigation in the summer of 2015 after learning Abrahamsen was in “possession of a prohibited AR-15 style assault rifle and AR-15 receiver components.”

Abrahamsen, an 18-year-veteran of the department, is currently on unpaid administrative leave. He surrendered himself and was booked at the San Francisco County Jail.

Acting Chief of Police Toney Chaplin called the arrest part of an effort to build and maintain trust with the community. “In the spirit of the Not on My Watch initiative, Department members will continue to hold each other accountable and will act swiftly to report any behavior that might bring dishonor to the Police Department,” he said.

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