Sandy Hook – Tragedy, Or False Flag: One Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Filed Against MSM For ‘Staging Sandy Hook Massacre’


The incident that transpired at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012 was portrayed to the American people as a tragedy beyond belief.  26 people, mostly small children were reportedly gunned down by a lone gunman.  The emotional response to hearing this news was overwhelming.

Filmmaker and author William Brandon Shanley launched a wave of lawsuits for more than $1 trillion dollars against main stream media over the Sandy Hook massacre coverage. The New York Times, Associated Press, the Hartford Courant and The Newtown Bee are being sued for $10 billion in punitive damages.

American Free Press reported that Shanley believes that “the media conspired to brainwash the public into thinking a lone gunman drill known as the ‘Sandy Hook Massacre’ was real, when in fact it was a staged FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] National Level Exercise Event.”


Red Flag News reports Mr. Shanley’s Statement:

“After exhaustive research, the good news is that overwhelming evidence reveals that no children or teachers died at Sandy Hook two years ago. For relief, I have filed lawsuits against the media in US District Court in New Haven for Fraud and Terrorism. Here is an example of our abundant evidence, Exhibit D: The Connecticut State Police dash cams record no evacuation of children from school at critical moments: YouTube video — Smoking Gun evidence no children died at Sandy Hook.”

Mr. Shanley’s Complaint states, in part:

Defendants entered in a multi-year conspiracy, meeting in groups separately and together, to commit fraud and terrorism, i.e., to brainwash the public into thinking a lone gunman drill known as the “Sandy Hook Massacre” was real, when in fact it was a staged FEMA National Level Exercise Event that redirected government resources to terrorize the public. These crimes were undertaken with the intent of subverting the US Constitution and to affect national, state and local laws.  This fraud involved lying to the public, faking news, publishing one-sided news reports, censoring reality, suppressing facts, and deliberately skewing the news to shift public perceptions.

The true costs of this breach of integrity and trust to society are unfathomable. Instead of fulfilling their Constitutional Role as the People’s Surrogates and being honest brokers of information, the Plaintiff will show how the men and women who dominate the TV news industry in the United States broke laws, besmirched the First Amendment, their Constitutional role as government watchdogs, and forfeited the right to report the news, and thereby profit from news production and distribution. The sine qua non of journalism is the search for truth. Our Fourth Estate chose a different path. Punitive damages of one year’s annual revenue from each Defendant are being sought to establish a News Trust, that will free journalism and restore trust and integrity to our communications sources. A democracy cannot survive this tyranny over human consciousness.

The evidence mounts. The mass school shootings in Pakistan on December 16, 2014 generated controversy over the media coverage of the story and rekindled accusations that mainstream media lied about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings on  December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut.

One of the alleged victims in the Pakistan school shooting seems to have been killed twice, as he was also one of the 20 children reportedly killed at Sandy Hook.

During a televised report by the BBC in December 2014, of the Pakistan shootings, the reporter is seen walking in front of a wall with pictures of the children that were reportedly killed there. One of the pictures is none other than Noah Pozner, one of the more oft-displayed faces of the 20 children allegedly killed at the Sandy Hook school shootings, in Newtown, Connecticut.


BBC was confronted about the anomaly and admitted in a short article that “the montage of images includes the photo of a young boy, Noah Pozner, who died in the Sandy Hook massacre in the United States in 2012,” but made no further comments.






Shanley is the producer of The Made-for-TV Election starring Martin Sheen that analyzed media coverage in the tectonic Carter-Reagan election of 1980. He is also the author of books on quantum physics, including Alice and the Quantum Cat (2011). Dr. James Fetzer, whose 35 articles on Sandy Hook for Veteran’s Today qualify him for the highest investigative journalism awards, and School Safety Consultant, Wolfgang Halbig, whose investigative expertise as a former Florida State Police officer, and loving attention as a former principal, makes this case’s particulars comprehensible to all, will be called as expert witnesses.


UPDATE: Youtube removed the video 

Watch: ‘Sandy Hook Hoax Mass Evacuation Exposed’

Read the full story at American Free Press

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    • What you just said was, speech I don’t like should be illegal. You want to subvert the constitution I suggest you do it from another damn country. We used to hang people with tyrannical ideas like yours so the disease wouldn’t spread. You are scum

      • I’m not saying speech is illegal, just propaganda, like this, that insinuates this horrible event never took place. People need to do their research and due diligence to make informed decisions. This story, in fact, is easily discredited. 🙂 Also I did not attack anyone or call them names, you can thank free speech for that but it really does show your childishness and inability to use tact, respect and communication skills. Also, you don’t know me and make assumptions of who and what I think; just goes to show the validity of your response. Good day sir.

  1. What about that Victoria chick – the teacher who saved all those children. If she is not dead then where is she?

  2. Sandy Hook = GUN GRAB (Hoax).

    Police Evidence photos show gun-range target stamped “FBI USE” in Nancy Lanza’s basement:

    Everyone knows Sandy Hook shooting was a Hoax (to ban AR15 rifles) but LT VANCE keeps lying (pretending it was real):

    Forensic Proof: Adam Lanza’s AR15 DIDN’T blow out the window at Sandy Hook Elementary. It was blown out by POLICE 12-GAUGE shotgun “breaching round.”

    DHS faked the Newtown CT “biggest school shooting in US history,” to demonize gun owners and make Home Schooling sound “dangerous.”

  3. Sandy Hook was very much real. Shame on you for writing this article. When you lose a child to something so horrific, lets see how you feel when something like this is written.

    • Wow someone needs to pull ones head out of ones took-as stop believing all the nonsense that spews from the one-sided propaganda media and consider the overwhelming evidence that says otherwise! This is fact based what posted just above and this alone completely destroys the medias narrative that this was the act of a 125lb kid who’s only long rifle was later found in the trunk of his own car just outside of the building. How can that be explained. It just can’t be


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