Sarah Palin Was 100% Correct! Guess Where Putin Is Building Military Bases…


Chances are you remember that fateful moment during the 2008 presidential campaign when Sarah Palin said, when asked by ABC’s Charles Gibson what insight she had gained from living so close to Russia, “They’re our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.” 

Liberals and mainstream media had a field day with that statement, however they twisted it to, “I can see Russia from my house,” and this one sentence ruined her political career.


Dean James at Americas Freedom Fighters said it best:

Well, it turns out that not only can Alaskans see Russia but NOW, thanks to the utter incompetence and lack of any strong foreign policy from Hussein Obama they will also be seeing RUSSIAN TROOPS!

Once again, Vladimir Putin is putting our pathetic president to shame by out maneuvering the Kenyan at the expense of America’s safety by building 3 massive Arctic military bases just 300 MILES FROM AMERICA!

The UK Express is reporting that Moscow also revealed blueprints for a new army base on the disputed Kurile islands – some of which are situated less than 20 miles from Japan.

Mr Putin is already flexing his military muscles in Syria with air and sea bases and a bombing campaign that has decimated ISIS strongholds.

Russian expansionism has also seen the Crimean peninsula invaded and annexed.

But, in a significant ramping up of Russia’s military reach, Mr Putin hopes to taunt US and Japanese officials with outposts in the Arctic and Pacific.

The plans mean Moscow will have troops, warplanes and military vehicles stationed in all four corners of the Asian continent.

“This is a really large base that was never seen during the Soviet times, and it has modern equipment, all of the needed equipment for these boundaries.”

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu

It will be seen by both Washington and Beijing as a direct challenge to military supremacy in the region.

In the Pacific, a new Russian base on the Kurile islands is likely to worsen already frayed relations with Tokyo which lays claim to the Southern Kuriles, known in Japan as the Northern Territories.

Russia seized the islands from Japan at the end of World War Two and the dispute is so acrimonious that Moscow and Tokyo have still not signed a formal peace treaty after the war.

Moscow hopes placing a military base so close to American shores would give Russia the edge in any conflict with the U.S.

Dean James at Americas Freedom Fighters sums it up saying that while Obama twiddles his Marxist thumbs, Putin is building an extremely powerful military and strategically placing military complexes right on our border! Obama will be responsible for WWIII for allowing all this to happen under his watch.


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