Satan Worshipers Drown Women With Milk In Planned Parenthood Counter-Protest

Outside the Detriot and Ferndale, Michigan Planned Parenthood locations Saturday, members of  ‘The Satanic Temple’ poured milk over themselves in a protest against pro-lifers.

Satan worshipers launched a counter-protest against pro-lifers outside the Detriot and Ferndale, Michigan Planned Parenthood locations Saturday.

Clad in black robes, members of the Satanic Temple of Detriot drenched bound women with milk, simulating water-boarding to “illustrate the theocratic agenda imposed upon female bodies.” The milk symbolized breast milk, one of the protest organizers explained on Facebook.

The group attached a symbol of their temple to the American flag and held up a sign that read, “America is not a theocracy. End forced motherhood.”

At one point during the protest, a man claiming to be a sheriff unsuccessfully attempted to move the Satan worshippers along.

Members of the Satanic Temple drew inspiration for their “political theatre” from the nationwide anti-Planned Parenthood protests Saturday. Tens of thousands showed up to protest Planned Parenthood at over 300 locations across the country after a series of undercover videos revealed the abortion giant was harvesting and selling fetal organs and tissue.

The pro-life protesters hope to end Federal taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood, which currently receives over half a billion dollars per year. Michigan state senators, some of whom appeared at the protests Saturday, have launched their own bill to defund the organization.

“The Satanic Temple strongly opposes the promotion of misinformation and believes that all people are entitled to make informed decisions about their health, family and future without coercion,” says the group’s web site. “We consider our action a form of worship; the rejection of tyranny is an affirmation of selfhood. So long as perverted theocratic systems of power attempt to manipulate our communities and distort truths for political gain, we will rebel.”

Satan worshipers believe that “Satan is representative of the eternal rebel, enlightened inquiry and personal freedom,” proclaims the Satanic Temple’s web site.

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  1. “The group attached a symbol of their temple to the American flag and held up a sign that read, “America is not a theocracy. End forced motherhood.”

    …… If this isn’t a perfect example of why we just need to implement a zero tolerance policy against these morons… Seriously, just kill them and save the rest of us from their ignorance. The majority of whores who have abortion are not forced into motherhood; unless you believe that women are incapable of having responsibility for themselves, therefore rendering them unable to make choices. Women + man + unprotected sex = chance of pregnancy. If you are over age 12 and don’t know that, you’re probably either mentally retarded or a Liberal. Consensual sex is voluntary, not forced. a baby conceived through consensual sex does not equate to forced motherhood. If you think it is, you’re fucking stupid. Abortion is no different than the concept of a reset button in a video game. If you’re playing the game and don’t make the right moves, and the outcome is not in your favor, you can restart the game before the game is over; essentially resulting in your wrong moves and bad choices having no negative affect whatsoever.

    Let’s face it, if we want to end abortion, we need to kill the doctors, kill all the abortion supporters, bomb the clinics and elect only strict pro-life politicians while condemning, attacking and dehumanizing all the anti-life candidates and individuals. Send them all to their deaths if we have to. It’s not right to murder a baby, but there is justification in murdering an adult who has committed evil acts against humanity. Those who gave up their innocence deserve eternal hell.

      • Moran? LMFAO at your stupidity! Evil bastards need to have been the ones aborted. God or no God, abortion is taking a human life. You moran! ROTFLMMFAO and no I didnt misspell that like your dumbass did the word moron. What I said was… Rollin On The Floor Laughin My Mutha Fuckin Ass Off.

  2. Discussing abortion as a secular issue (as I am doing so within this comment), there would be no reason whatsoever for the satanic church to equate it with a theocracy. It would be perfectly acceptable (and understandable) for a secular government to outlaw abortion. We all know that satanists hate God and Christianity (which is fine), but they should also be thinking logically and realise that abortion does not have to be a religious issue at all. It can simply be a moral/ethical issue. Also, these people should not be wasting cow milk. Some poor cow somewhere made that milk for her calves, and these idiots are wasting it in their silly little protest. They really need to start thinking more rationally about the decisions that they are making in life. (And I make this remark in the spirit of constructive criticism).


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