Schiff On Mueller Findings: Won’t Be Enough – ‘We’re Going To Do Our Own Investigation’ (Video)


For the past two years, all the mainstream media and Democrats talked about was the importance of Robert Mueller’s report. They demanded he not be fired in fear that the incriminating Russian collusion evidence, of which they were certain existed, would be exposed, and oh the joy that Mueller was so close to revealing that President Trump as a Russian spy, or for certain Putin had something on him that was compromising his decisions.

The problem is, it is becoming apparent that Robert Mueller did not find any collusion, because Donald Trump and his campaign did not collude with Russia. The Senate Intelligence Committee came to a bipartisan conclusion Tuesday that there is no direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia.

According to House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, who appeared in an interview Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” there is ample evidence Donald Trump’s presidential campaign did collude with Russia.

Schiff rejected Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr’s statements from earlier this month, in which Burr said evidence shows no collusion by the Trump campaign and Russia.

“Chairman Burr must have a different word for it,” Schiff told host Dana Bash on “State of the Union,” pointing to communications between Russia and Donald Trump Jr. and former Trump aides George Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn.

“You can see evidence in plain sight on the issue of collusion, pretty compelling evidence,” Schiff said, adding, “There is a difference between seeing evidence of collusion and being able to prove a criminal conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Schiff said special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on potential Russian government meddling in the 2016 election might not be the final word on the matter. Of course not, the Democrats are not getting what they want, so they are going to spend the next two years looking for something.

“We may also need to see the evidence behind that report,” he said.

According to Schiff, Robert Mueller spent the past 19 months investigating hundreds people, destroyed dozens of people’s lives to prove that Donald Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia, believing that is the only way he could have won the election – and it all boils down to Donald Trump has no ties to Putin, and his campaign did not collude with Russia. Donald Trump won the election because millions of Americans wanted him to be president.

We can expect that Schiff will ensure two more years of re-investigating everything, and everyone that Robert Mueller spent $25 million investigating.