Schiff: ‘There’s Ample Evidence of Collusion’ Between the Trump Campaign and Russia (Video)


For the past two years all the Democrats and the mainstream media talked about was the importance of Robert Mueller’s report. They were possitive that there was incriminating Russian collusion evidence that would reveal that Putin had something on Trump, or that he was a Russian spy.

The problem the Democrats have, as we near the two year mark of Mueller’s investigation, is that it appears that he did not find any proof of collusion, because Donald Trump and his campaign did not collude with Russia.

To make matters worse for the Democrats, the Senate Intelligence Committee came to a bipartisan conclusion that there is no direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia.

But that is not going to stop the Democrats from spending the next two years investigating Russia collusion.

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said there was “ample evidence of collusion” between the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump and Russia.

Schiff said:

“There’s ample evidence of collusion of the campaign and it’s very much in the public record, and it’s everything from what we have seen recently about Paul Manafort meeting with someone linked to Russian intelligence and sharing polling data, and not top line data, not this is why we think Trump is going to win data, but raw data, complicated data.

We’ve seen evidence of Roger Stone in communication with Wikileaks, we’ve seen the president’s son having a secret meeting at Trump Tower that was presented to him as part of the Russian government’s effort to help the Trump campaign, his acceptance of that help, his interest in getting that. All of this is evidence of collusion and there’s much, much more. Whether that will amount to a criminal conspiracy that can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, we’ll have to wait for Bob Mueller to tell us. But to — to not see what is plainly in front of us means you — you basically don’t want to see the evidence of collusion because it is quite abundant.”

Robert Mueller spent the past 19 months investigating hundreds people, destroyed dozens of people’s lives to prove that Donald Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia, believing that is the only way he could have won the election – and it all boils down to Donald Trump has no ties to Putin, and his campaign did not collude with Russia. Donald Trump won the election because millions of Americans wanted him to be president, and not Hillary Clinton.