Sebastian Gorka on Jeff Flake: My Father Was Tortured Under a Stalinist Regime -This Man Has NO Moral Compass! (Video)


On Sunday RINO Jeff Flake appeared on ABC’s This Week and compared President Donald Trump to Joseph Stalin.

Over the weekend it was revealed that Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) was planning to denounce President Donald Trump in a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday. Amid the frequent criticisms Flake has often expressed previously, this speech stood out in that Flake planned to condemn President Trump’s attacks on the media as “Stalinist,” particularly the president’s use of the term “enemy of the people.”

Flake faced immediate and harsh backlash from conservatives for his leaked speech and his interviews on the Sunday shows talking about how he believed the president was invoking Stalinist terms and styles. Rather than apologizing for such inflammatory language, he attempted to clarify his comments on Monday, including saying in a strange doublespeak tweet “[t]here is no comparison between POTUS & Stalin” and then in the same tweet proceeding to compare the president and Stalin in rhetoric.

Flake’s comparison is absurd, both on the surface and after deeper reflection.

President Trump’s feuds with the press consist of arguing with them on social media, making fun of them, and denouncing them either directly or through surrogates while giving them ratings on their shows.

It is undeniable that, even as president, Trump and his supporters have been treated unfairly by the media. Studies have shown the overwhelming majority of coverage, up to 90% in recent months by some measures, has been deeply negative, Townhall reports.

On Monday American military and intelligence analyst and former Trump assistant Sebastian Gorka went on with Lou Dobbs to discuss the senator’s outrageous statements, the GP reports.

Gorka did not hold back.

Sebastian Gorka:

Senator Flake should be ashamed of himself. My parents lived under a Stalinist regime. My father was arrested and tortured and put in prison by a Stalinist regime. This man has no moral compass left anymore. Senator Flake has just insulted all of those people who have died or suffered under a true Stalinist regime.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight


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