Secret Service Visits The Blaze Studios Following Glenn Beck Comments (Flashback)


Talk radio host and Blaze founder Glenn Beck told his radio audience that he would stab Presidential Candidate Donald Trump his radio producer, if given the chance.


The Gateway Pundit reports  It was originally reported that Beck was talking about stabbing Trump. But later it was clarified that Glenn was talking to his producer.

“The stabbing just wouldn’t stop.

Glenn has been very upset recently about Donald Trump and his enormous support. Glenn supports Ted Cruz for president.

This afternoon the Secret Service visited The Blaze headquarters in Dallas.

Photo:  Bing

Since publishing this article, youtube has decided to remove the video that was once associated with this.


Conservative voices continue to be taken down by mega tech corps

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  1. Glen should not support Ted Cruz for president because Cruz is not a natural born citizen. Yes, both of Cruz’s parents were U.S. citizens at the time of his birth. However, the other condition to be natural born is the birth has to occur INSIDE the United States. The only exception to this is children born overseas of United States diplomats. Cruz was born outside the United States.
    SCOTUS ruled on these two conditions, both parents being U.S. citizens AND born in the country, over one hundred years ago. That ruling has not been changed.


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