Senator Cornyn Calls For Special Counsel In Clinton Espionage Investigation, Claims GOP Innocent In Iran Nuke Fiasco


The Senate’s No. 2 Republican Texas Sen. John Cornyn told John Catsimatidis on his Sunday morning radio show, “The Cats Roundtable” on AM 970 in New York,  “The attorney general has a conflict of interest and needs to appoint an independent special counsel” for the probe. 

He added, “The Clintons decided the rules that apply to you and me don’t apply to them, and frankly they’ve been able to get away with it a long time and maybe they thought they’d be able to do it one more time here,” Cornyn added. “Almost every story Hillary has told about her private email server has proven to be untrue.”


Rick Wells Reports:

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), Mitch McConnell’s right hand in his anti-American exploits in the Senate since the meaningless acquisition of a Republican majority last November, was a guest Sunday on the John Catsimatidis radio program in New York. He called for a change in the procedural method of the investigation into the email and potential espionage crimes of Hillary Clinton.

Former US Attorney for the eastern district of New York and now Attorney General Loretta Lynch is having trouble in advancing any meaningful investigation into the wrongdoing of fellow New York Democrat Hillary Clinton. Cornyn recognizes that there may be a conflict of interest and calls for a Special Counsel to be appointed to oversee the investigation.


Cornyn, a former Texas Supreme Court Associate Justice and Texas State Attorney General describes the Clinton server as having been set up with the intention of evading US laws requiring open records and the protection of classified documents. In validating the need for a Special Counsel he notes Clinton’s track record of providing untrue statements in virtually every instance in which she has been questioned and the failure to provide adequate protection to US information. He calls her actions troubling and violations of federal laws.


The host says this sounds like a dumb thing to do. Being smart people, why would the Clintons engage in this type of activity? Cornyn says clearly in his mind it was done deliberately to evade the transparency and accountability required by federal law. He describes the nature of their “mistake” as, “Once again they decided that the rules that apply to you and me and everybody else don’t apply to them, and, frankly, they’ve been able to get away with it for a long time. And maybe they thought they could do it one more time here.”

He also discusses the idiocy of our current oil export ban as well as the Senate’s surrender on the Iran nuclear deal. He faults the threat of a filibuster by Democrats to prevent a meaningless show vote as the reason the deal went through when it was in fact the failed Republican leadership’s complicity with the Democrats through the Corker-Cardin Act which made the passage inevitable. They could also have invoked the Senate “nuclear option,” as Harry Reid did when he ran the Senate, if they thought preventing World War 3 was a higher priority than preserving the sanctity of Senate rules.

Once again the establishment politician misrepresents what he and his colleagues are doing, just as was the case with Obamatrade, in order to claim he’s representing America. The exact opposite is the case. Like Mitch McConnell, Cornyn is either an atrociously inept and unqualified leader or he’s a repugnant, wholly purchased political sellout. Most probably he is both.

For whatever reason he’s willing to publicly target Hillary Clinton. Someone else may be the chosen one of the elites; he’s most likely making a preemptive strike on behalf of fellow Texan Jeb Bush. Clinton may have fallen out of favor where it counts, with those who run the nation from the shadows. Or they may have simply decided that they’re going to choose a Republican this time around, with Bush the logical choice from their perspective.

Cornyn then goes on to attempt to make his case that Senate Republicans are leading in a manner reflective of the interests of the American people. If the Democrats weren’t so disastrous it’s a claim that would have him laughed off of the air and all the way out of town. He naturally touts the sellout of American sovereignty under the TPA and TPP as highpoints when in fact they were unconstitutional surrenders of our national sovereignty.

In addition to the need to hold Clinton accountable, Cornyn is correct that the Obama bureaucracy is steadily and stealthily choking America. It’s easy for him to see and point out when the offenses are coming from the other side of the aisle. If he only were willing to develop that same clarity of vision for the Republican transgressions and then stop offending, Congress might be viewed in a much more favorable light.



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