Sharia in Michigan: Imam calls for Islamic Restrictions on Free Speech


Free speech is the key issue for Islamic supremacists in this country.  They are constantly chipping away at the First Amendment under the guise of respect and religious tolerance. No one restriction is more intolerant than that of the “blasphemy” laws under the sharia. They set their sights on our free speech and unless we stay vigilant, they will succeed in infringing on our Constitutional rights.


It was a very calculated move for the notorious pro-Hezb’allah imam, Husham Al-Husainy, to initiate his jihad to impose the sharia as an interfaith initiative. “We want all of the religions to cooperate with us to bring respect to the word of God, whether the Quran, Bible, or Torah,” said the imam. Husainy’s cynicism is infuriating, considering how brutally persecuted Christians and Jews are treated in Muslim countries, and their churches and temples destroyed. “Quran, Bible or Torah,” is how he is selling it, and the liberal minds are accepting this with open arms endangering our most basic freedom.

Watch this video: Sheikh Husham Al-Husainy admits he will fight with Iran to destroy Israel and yet he is respected by political quislings. Back in 2007 he led the Democrats in a prayer in which he essentially asked Allah to assist in converting the party members to Islam.


“Michigan Imam calls for sharia restrictions on free speech,” thanks to Jihadwatch June 18, 2014:

This is not the first time that al-Husainy has called for restrictions on the freedom of speech. In 2012 he declared: “They should put a law not to insult a spiritual leader.” Al-Husainy is also a virulently antisemitic supporter of Hizballah. With the President of the United States having declared the “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” and many in the mainstream media eagerly practicing self-censorship to appease Islamic supremacists, he probably sees this as his best chance to impose Sharia speech restrictions upon the U.S.

I’m not in favor of book burning’s, but to use the burning of any book to impose free speech restrictions is to destroy a foundation of free society and bring tyranny to the U.S.

Imam wants new law banning burning of holy books. Several attorneys also met with the imams at Thursday’s meeting. Al-Husainy said they helped with legal advice in his plan for a new law making it illegal to burn or desecrate holy books.

“We want all of the religions to cooperate with us to bring respect to the word of God, whether the Quran, Bible, or Torah,” he said.

He said he understands it will be a challenge.

“But again, a journey of 1,000 miles starts with one step,” he said.

He and the imams will collect signatures of supporters before addressing the City Council to inquire about making a new city ordinance.

Al-Husainy said it’s a duty to protect the divine word. He said he worries that a nation where the words of God are burned in disrespect will not be blessed anymore.

Several attempts to legally prohibit the desecration of the American flag have failed in the U.S. for reasons that it violates rights to free speech.

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  1. Islam is a foreign political system masquerading as “religion”. As such, there are NO Constitutional proscriptions against controlling and purging the USA of this foreign political system. ALL muslims should be required to register as “agents of a foreign government” with the U. S. State Department pending mandatory deportation to whatever sh!thole third-world cesspool they came from. It seems to me that there is another foreign political system that has embedded itself into the American “body politic” that should be given the same “treatment”. It’s “dual nationality” types have infected MY country and are doing the bidding of a “certain little country” in the middle east.
    There used to be a time when foreigners came here for a better life and to become AMERICANS, throwing off the vestiges of their country of origin, but no more. Today’s immigrants come here to “make money”–nothing else, and show little or no allegiance to their host country. It’s a damn shame, but that’s the way it is today . . .


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