Sheriff David Clarke: Do Politicians, Media Manipulate Black Voters? [Video]


Sheriff David Clarke is a guest on ‘Hannity’ and debates the fairness of what Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said about black Americans realizing that the Democrats have been manipulating and lying to them.

Clarke agrees with Dr. Carson, saying “Bravo to Dr. Carson, of course he’s right. The mainstream media in America has abandoned their constitutional duty to be a government watchdog and to be neutral in all of these things and instead they have become the propaganda wing, a lap dog, the public information office for the Democrat Party, their liberal agenda and their leftist ideology.”

He says, “Look, the liberal mainstream media refuses to tell and write the stories and the op-eds to inform blacks that after sixty years of enslavement under Democrat control, their lives have not gotten better.”

Sheriff Clarke describes the false “intoxicating message” of Democrats, that of free stuff, which purchases votes, a practice that Republicans don’t participate in and which puts them at a disadvantage on Election Day.

HT Rick Wells



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