SHOCK: Donald Trump’s Official Voting Record Released By New York City

Donald Trump, who up until last year was better known as the eccentric billionaire real estate mogul and television personality star of ‘The Apprentice,’ is now the Republican presidential frontrunner who by all accounts, will be the GOP nominee that takes on Clinton or Sanders.


There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Trump’s past relationship with the Clinton’s as well as his being called a Liberal and Democrat, many say he has never been a conservative or Republican.


One rumor can be put to rest. The Daily Mail released Donald Trump’s official voting record showing that he was a registered Republican since at least 1980, throwing water on the theory that he was at one time a Democrat.


This is causing major panic for the Cruz campaign which has insisted that Trump recently switched his affiliation.

Voting records for Trump’s adult sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, were not immediately available.

Trump is leading by wide margins in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, and nearly every other state where pollsters take the Republican electorate’s temperature.

In Iowa, he is running neck-and-neck with Republican Sen. Ted Cruz in some polls, and leading him comfortably in others.

On Thursday in Las Vegas, Trump boasted of a new Emerson College poll that shows him leading Cruz there by 10 points.

‘Cruz is going down,’ he told a packed ballroom at the South Point casino. ‘He’s like a nervous wreck. He’s going down. He’s had his moment.’


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