SHOCK: Off-Duty Cop ‘Bound, Gagged, Tortured’ In His Own Home


The Texas Police Officer Don Allen that was brutally murdered in his own home included anti-cop slurs written in the officer’s own blood.


The American Mirror Reports:

Texas law enforcement sources tell me that the crime scene of off duty Abilene, Texas Police Officer Don Allen’s murder included anti-cop slurs written in the officer’s own blood.

Allen, 27, was found dead in his Clyde home Monday in what investigators are calling a homicide.

“He was the only person in the residence when he was found dead by family members, police said,” WFAA reports.

Clyde police called in the Texas Rangers and FBI to investigate “due to the circumstances surrounding the death,” according to police.

“His family is heartbroken, as is our police family,” said an Abilene police spokesman. “He has earned lifelong friends.”

Police claimed in a Tuesday news conference that it did not appear Allen was targeted because he was a police officer.

But sources tell me that the off duty Officer was bound, gagged, and tortured. They further told me that anti-police slurs were written in Allen’s blood within the home.

This is a developing story.

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