SHOCKING: Black Community And The KKK Now Teaming Up To Fight Border Crisis


According to recent comments from Robert Jones, the leader of the Ku Klux Klan, the White supremacy group has started reaching out to the African-American community and other groups to join its efforts against the influx of the illegal immigrants illegally crossing our borders and flooding the country.

The tone is notoriously different from the past, as African-Americans have traditionally been terrorized by the group. Now, it appears that they are moving away from the historical “White power” slogan, and are transitioning into a new “Keep America American” doctrine.

“We think our government should step in and do a whole lot more to secure our borders,” Jones told reporters. “All our jobs are being outsourced right now, and what jobs are left here, black and white Americans are being forced to have competition with Mexicans coming across the border, because they’ll do the job cheaper.”


According to the leader, the KKK is also changing their recruitment policy, visiting house to house. And, the leader told reporters that sometimes that means knocking on the door of someone of a different race. Judging a house, the KKK leader said, is racist, and the importance of this invasion means we must all stand together.

Some officials do not buy the new “policy” of the “friendlier” KKK. Others are caught up in the extreme irony. Regardless of what many think, this is a historical moment and one that should be commended by MSM and Obama and yet, both are silent.



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