So That’s Where Biden’s Been: After Gay Marriage Gaffe, Obama Gave Biden ‘Every S*** Job in the World’ … Biden was Ostracized!


In an interview with Politico, VP Joe Biden stated that Obama shut him out after he came out for gay marriage in early 2012 before Obama could make his own announcement supporting it. Biden said after that incident, Obama assigned him “every s*** job in the world.”

Biden heard rumors that he was to be replaced on the 2012 ticket by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. When Biden asked those-in-the-know if the rumors were true, they denied them, but of course they were lying.

After the gay marriage gaffe, Obama’s office allegedly tuned Biden out. Biden was banned from strategic planning meetings that he had attended in Obama’s first term and coordinating private dinners with potential fundraisers was no longer a job for Biden, attempts were made to block two candidates Biden wanted for his chief of staff, and Biden’s public appearances were limited and structured.

After Obama won reelection, his first public appearance was with Hillary Clinton and not Biden making the point all the more clear – Biden was on the out!

By: ~Rebel Rebellion III%




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