Space Force Rolls Out Ultra-High Tech Weapon And It’s BADASS

Space Force

The Space Force was just issued its first purely offensive weapon. An ultra-high technology satellite scrambler which recently underwent a radical redesign upgrade to boost it’s already advanced capabilities. The 4th Space Control Squadron, based at Peterson AFB in Colorado, celebrated the milestone with a brief ceremony on Friday.

Space Force issued offensive weapon

Counter Communication System Block 10.2 achieved what the Pentagon brass call “initial operating capability” earlier this month. That means it’s been tested and it works. After the Space and Missile Systems Center put it through its paces in testing, and it passed with flying colors, the first unit off the production line was shipped to Colorado.

It may not look like it, but the units are totally portable and able to “temporarily deny” the satellite messaging of our enemies from the ground. The first version was rolled out in 2004 after “hostile nations began attempting to disrupt American satellite transmissions.” Two can play that game. The system got it’s first upgrade in 2014, dubbed version 10.1, then got a radical redesign this time.

Developed by the L3Harris company, CCS Block 10.2 has “additional frequency bands and other features with more options to disrupt enemies’ satellite communications.”

The really nifty development is the ability to reconfigure all the software on the fly, a system they call “agile software development methods.” Colonel Stephen Purdy notes, “CCS B10.2 represents the end of the traditional way of development.”

Space Force

The latest version leverages “agile” development, security, and operations capabilities that adapt “to the evolving battlefield while delivering capabilities to the warfighter faster and better than our opponents.”

Space control operators and maintenance personnel already went through a certified training program on the new equipment. Lt. Col. Steve Brogan, a leader of the SMC special programs directorate called the technology the “only offensive system in the United States Space Force arsenal.”


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